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Plan a Staycation Really Close to Home!

Has the past year made you feel a little shut-in? Maybe your immediate family has been tightly packed in, and a little too close for comfort. You may need an escape--or at least a bit more social distancing within your own home! Consider developing alfresco living spaces in your backyard to provide beautiful areas to spread out or hang out with friends in the fresh air.

Horizon Landscape Company specializes in creating outdoor living environments for families to soak up the sun and settle down under the stars…all year long.

"Everyone wants their backyard to be their vacation area," says Chris Tanzola, Landscape Sales Manager at Horizon. "Homeowners are interested in patios, firepits, outdoor kitchens, and hot tubs. People want to use their yards both day and night, throughout the year."

"Outdoor lighting sales have increased because people are staying outdoors later into the evening," says Karishma Ramani, Horizon's Sales and Marketing Manager.

The project pictured was completed in Allendale and is an excellent example of bringing the indoors out while creating an inviting environment year-round. It was a full renovation of an existing pool area centered around installing a new outdoor living space, a fireplace area, an outdoor kitchen, and several seating areas.

New coping (or trim) was installed around the pool, and several new seating areas were designed. A kitchen patio, fireplace area, and bar patio required leveling and terracing the property. Working to integrate the existing elevation of the pool and the home's access points was a challenge because the pool was significantly higher than the rest of the back yard. However, the finished project's multi-dimensional look is stunning. "Homeowners are also looking to level out their backyards to create more livable space using retaining walls," notes Shawn Kukol, Landscape Production Manager.

Designs of this scale and proportion won't fit every budget or property; however, there are various ways that you can upgrade your outdoor living space no matter what your property size or budget may be. "Many clients want to create a simple but beautiful patio with a fire pit," says Chris. "Woodburning fire pits are very economical while gas fire pits are a bit more expensive. Other homeowners want to add outdoor kitchen features to an existing deck or patio."

Any appliance or feature available in your traditional indoor kitchen can be applied in an outdoor setting, including beautiful countertops, cooktops, refrigerators, sinks, and icemakers. "The main focus is that people want to have an area outdoors to socialize and entertain," says Chris. "People don't want to be stuck inside anymore."

If you are planning an outdoor project in 2021, be sure to plan ahead. "Hardscape and planting materials are in short supply due to the surge in construction because of COVID," says Shawn. "We sometimes have to travel 75 miles to find a supplier with pavers in stock." The demand is currently outweighing the supply," says Michele Morrow, Landscape Administrator. "People are beginning their projects much earlier because they want to be first on the list as soon as the weather clears."

Now, more than ever, the importance of working with a professional landscape design service is apparent. Horizon offers complete design plans so that their clients will know what the finished project will look like before a shovel even enters the ground. "We lay it all out virtually and can create different perspectives with computer-generated renderings so that the homeowner can see different angles of the property and design," says Chris.

"We offer exceptional customer service. You can always get someone on the phone, and we are extremely responsive because each department has a specialized administrator to manage the projects," says Chris. Horizon stands behind their work with warranties on plant materials and hardscapes.

Consider a home-grown "staycation" this year while adding value and beauty to your home. It won’t be just another pretty space!

  • Fireplace and bar area
  • Aerial view of finished design