Play Well

The Norwegian brand Amundsen Sports is calling Boulder its playground

Article by Alexandré Hooson

Photography by Amundsen

Originally published in Boulder Lifestyle

After my fiance and I spent a Wednesday night under the stars at 8,000 ft above Boulder on a quick overnight trip led by Alex Beal and JC, I sat down with them to learn more about their brand Amundsen which inspires us to PLAY WELL. “Even in the middle of the workweek, there is time for adventure and fun,” says JC. 

That is the core concept of the Norwegian outdoors that I want to introduce you to, “Friluftsliv” which is simply being in harmony with nature and detaching from the daily grind. The brand draws from a mindset that less is more while focusing on what works. The Norwegian-based brand consisting of 10 employees, 2 of which are the U.S. reps, have come to Boulder. Alex Beal, a Boulder native and recent CU graduate teamed up with JC, a Norwegian Native and also CU grad to make Boulder the base camp for Amundsen. 

Amundsen was established in 2011 with its roots dating back to 1911 when the Norwegian Explorer Roald Amundsen was the first to reach the South Pole. Using his knowledge and experience from living with the Inuits, who use natural materials and basic survival concepts that rely on working with nature, he is one of the most successful explorers of all time. The values that Amunsden used in his explorations are the very applications that the outdoor clothing brand uses today. 

Everything Alex values in growing up here, he sees in the brand: community, responsibility, sustainability, honesty, education and respect for the environment. With 80% of the products made in Europe, the brand prides itself on sustainability for the earth and its consumers. “The mission of Friluftsliv is our trojan horse. Our customers are dynamic in their daily routine and the clothes supplement that. You don't need everything, you just need the basics and that piece of clothing should last you 20 years. We are versatile and build a product that you can ski in one weekend and take to the city on a rainy day the next,” says JC.  

Amundsen Near You
Find all the amazing products at these local retailers

Acme Fine Goods in Louisville, owned by Eric Reed. A curated, charming, outdoor fashion shop with a synergy of values.

Neptune in Boulder, Founder by Gary with new owners in 2017, who bring the quality that it is today. Local, familiar with history, and built by a strong community, they also offer Avy courses, and an in-store climbing wall. 

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