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Pleasant Pantries

Organizational tips for a functional and aesthetically pleasing pantry

Designing spaces in our home goes beyond aesthetics, factoring in functionality is what really transforms our living spaces. Design brings out individual style and puts our own personality into the environments we live in. Design also means practical and innovative ways to use space. The importance of useful design allows us to optimize storage spaces in our homes so that we can live our lives free of clutter and dysfunction. We’ve collected a handful of tips and tricks to make your pantry aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. 

Organization Tools:

  • Clear containers

  • Storage bins 

  • Labeler

  • Lazy Susan

  • Door hanging storage/shelves 

  • Hooks

  • Bag dispenser/holder

  • Tiered organizing racks

1. Start Fresh

Start this organizational process by clearing out your pantry and cleaning it. Once it’s cleaned, go through all your pantry items and discard all expired or unused items. 

2. Use Organizational Tools

Using clear containers, well-labeled bins/containers, and storage helpers like a lazy susan, will instantly give your pantry a face lift while also providing a lot of function to this often-times dysfunctional space. The packaging of items makes spaces look cluttered and disorganized, by putting items in containers, it creates a more uniform aesthetic. 

3. Like-Items Together

For ease and convenience, keep like-items close to each other. Canned foods and jarred foods go next to each other, lone items and packaged foods like root vegetables and chip bags go in bins, spices should get a spot together, and pastas and grains could be made neighbors. Whatever your flow looks like is up to you. But placing things together in a way that makes sense to you will not only organize this space but make it functional for the long-term.

4. Use the Space

Use unconventional spaces like walls and doors for extra storage. Door hanging storage with baskets or compartments are perfect for spices, canned goods, and jars. If you have extra wall space, don’t let it go to waste! Adding hooks for aprons and reusable bags or a wall-mounted dispenser for bags are some great ways to organize non-food items.

5. Seasonal Items Up High

Items that aren’t used regularly like party, seasonal, or holiday supplies should be stored high so that regularly used items can be kept in the easily accessible areas of your pantry.