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The Joy of Painting


Just Poané.

Rhymes with Monet. 

Meeting the animated artist in his studio in Franklin, NC, I thought a man with such a big personality must have more than one name. 

Poané is making a name for himself in the community, and with collectors and visitors who travel north from Highlands or south from Sylva to commission a portrait or buy an oil painting that speaks to them. 

His pet portraits, painted on beautifully finished slabs of wood are flying out of his shop and showroom (shared with other artists). “I get my wood from some friends who have wood mills and people who have trees taken down on their property. I use black walnut, cedar, pine, maple, box elder maple, Japanese cedar, and much more,” says Poané, who has 30 years of experience as an artist, photographer, makeup artist and hairdresser in New York City. 

The idea for painting portraits on polished cross-sections of wood sprang four years ago from his work painting mountain scenes, cardinals, birds, bears, fish, trees, and barns on wood, inspired by the stunning NC countryside where he now lives. He takes commissions for delivery in as little as one day (with a few weeks being the norm). It brings him immeasurable joy when a dog owner exclaims that Poané was able to truly capture the essence and the spirit of the pet. 

“All I need is a picture or pictures of their pet to work from and I go from there after taking a deposit and agreeing on a delivery time,” he says. 

He also paints family and individual portraits, as well as beloved landscapes and homes. It’s all quite personal and he takes great pride in creating a piece of art that will sing and keep a memory alive for years to come. 

“When I’m painting, I am the happiest. I also love painting the Renaissance era, but my customers’ reactions when they see the painting that they commissioned brings me such joy. Also when they pick out pieces from the gallery, it’s very fulfilling.”  




Instagram @artofpoane