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Podcasts From Hometown Investment Experts

Investment Gurus Share Advice On Their Nashville-based Podcasts

The Ramsey Show
Before investing, you have to have your basics covered and the Ramsey roster of personalities, including Rachel Cruze, George Kamel and Jade Warshaw can help you get started. Shows available daily on YouTube or

The Money Guy Show
Brian Preston and Bo Hanson host this fast-paced, twice-weekly podcast that focuses on wealth-building strategies for people of all income levels. With more than 500 shows behind them, there is something of value for everyone. YouTube or

Adams Wealth Partners: Retire While You Work Podcast
As a financial advisor and a CPA, David Adams discusses investments from multiple perspectives with an overarching emphasis on creating plans that provide clients with the greatest commodity of all: time. YouTube or

Pinnacle 5 Podcast Series
Hosted by Summer Yeiser, Pinnacle’s learning and development manager, this series features financial advice from the leaders of Nashville’s largest bank. There are five key takeaways in every podcast. Available only on Pinnacle’s website.

7 Figure Flipping
It figures a leading real estate investing podcast originates in one of the nation’s hottest real estate markets. Host Bill Allen and his team help those with an entrepreneurial spirit thrive in the house-flipping space. YouTube or