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Apparel by Saks Fifth Avenue,  Makeup by Becca Bussert and Brittany Thacker for Aillea Beauty

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What to wear to Polo in the Pines

All eyes are on Polo in the Pines, October 5 and 6 and everyone here at Lifestyle Publications is thinking about what to wear to the year's most fabulous polo event.

Women: Consider the terrain and your shoes- stay away from stilettos! Stilettos do not work when it comes to the grass and divot stomping.  Wear a pointy toe flat, a wedge or a chunky lower heel. For fall polo matches, boots are perfect, as they allow you to take part in divot stomping, and give the most feminine dress a bit of an edge.

Your polo outfit is not complete without a hat. Many opt for a beautiful wide-brimmed hat, but the sky is the limit! Fascinators have become popular in recent years. Fascinators are smaller headpieces worn on a headband or on a comb. For a classic yet casual look, try a fedora. Fedoras can be dressed up or down, have a modern yet understated edge, and add that perfect finishing touch to your polo ensemble.

When dressing for polo, decide if you want your hat or your outfit to take center stage. If you want your outfit to shine, go more bold with bright colors, or fun florals and keep your hat simple. Furthermore, fall polo calls for darker-hued, florals, and patterns. If you decide your hat gets the attention, choose a solid-colored outfit. 

Think jumpsuits, or wide-leg trousers and a pretty blouse.

Men: Think classic, country club, attire.  Chinos, dress pants, tailored shorts or well-cut jeans paired with shirts or polo shirts and a sport coat are the most typical choice for the guys. A fun, printed pocket square or tie gives the opportunity to add a pop of color. Slip on loafers and you are good to go.

  • Apparel by Saks Fifth Avenue,  Makeup by Becca Bussert and Brittany Thacker for Aillea Beauty