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Gerry Lashway’s family was involved in woodworking since his great grandfather began Lashway Lumber, a custom sawmill, in 1954.  Four generations later, Gerry, co-owner and President of Lashway Lumber’s sister company, Ponders Hollow, helps run the family business.

What inspired Ponders Hollow?

“The lumber mill produces a rough product, and my dad, Gerald, envisioned an addition for the business – custom wood flooring and millwork.  It was an opportunity to expand on what we already do well.  We go from harvesting the tree, to supplying the material.  My dad saw the need in the community that my great grandfather saw.”

So this is truly a family matter.

“My brother Larry and I grew up around the business.  I remember having lunch on half days of school down at the mill, just hanging around.  I knew this was something I wanted to do.  I enjoy being able to work with them.”

What products do you specialize in?  Where do you source your wood?

“We work with residents and businesses.  Flooring is most popular – white oak, wide plank, and rustic grades are a hit.  For millwork, poplar is our biggest product; we use it to make anything from wall paneling to baseboards.  Lately, custom countertops and butcher blocks are in demand.

With that said, we have a dozen different species and grades we’re working with regularly.  Most of what we do is a Northeast species, and we use as many local suppliers as we can.  Everything is custom ordered and run for your job.”

Your showroom and website exhibit amazing quality craftsmanship.  What can you tell us about your attention to detail?

“We start with an understanding of what the customer is looking to achieve.  Each project goes through four different sets of hands and eyes, making sure it’s matching the specifications.  I’m working with the employees, walking through the plant, looking at flooring… it’s important to keep the quality and education going.  Wood flooring has gone from flooring with carpet on top, to the true beginning stages of design – it’s now one of the first things homeowners choose.  It can be matched with your furnishings.  It’s like a big piece of furniture going into someone’s house, not just something you’re walking on, so attention to detail is crucial.”

Where does your passion come from?

“Every day, I can find a new board I think is the coolest board I’ve ever seen.  Each day is unique.  I work with a great group of employees and people in the industry, including Westfield Technical Academy students, which is an awesome opportunity for both sides.  We’re a small group of people that share a similar passion and mindset.” | (413) 562-8730 | IG:@pondershollowflooring | FB:@pondershollowwoodfloors

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