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Nervous about permanent pops of color? Get just a taste with your next dinner party or family gathering.

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Pop of Color

Designers given carte blanche bring color home

Article by Sue G. Collins

Photography by Tomas Espinoza, Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

Originally published in East Cobb City Lifestyle

Bye, bye beige.

Hello hues!

We love color, engaging design and eye candy here at East Cobb City Lifestyle magazine. When we caught a glimpse of a dynamite project by Atlanta designer, Krystee Manifold Spencer, we were inspired to share a few of our favorite interiors that border on bold but are entirely pleasing. 

Krystee opted to use white (Benjamin Moore OC-65 Chantilly Lace) throughout the first floor then added color to the family home’s second level, with a palette that reflects the homeowner’s 50 years of world travels and appeals to a gaggle of grandchildren.

Because the first floor is almost entirely white (Benjamin Moore OC-65 Chantilly Lace) we gave the second floor punches of color to reflect memories of the Reiboldt’s 50 years of travels together all over the world and to cater to requests of their six grandchildren, after all, this house was built with them in mind. 

Many interior designers pick colors based on emotions. Colors carry connotations and influence the ambiance and mood of a space. For example, darker shades of purple are associated with richness and royalty, whereas lighter shades of blue are associated with calmness. And, sometimes, a collection or inspiration piece drives design.

“So much of this home’s design was focused on finding ways to display the homeowner’s collections and memories. The starburst on the wall is no different,” says Krystee of the blue twin bedroom. “(She) spent years collecting the small Norman Rockwell plates feature there. They were an easy pairing in the playful kid’s room. The guest suite, aka the purple room, was the last room completed. “We committed to a color, Sherwin Williams Enigma, and WENT ALL IN. Some see it and cringe,” says Krystee. “Most see it for the thoughtful collection it is. Different eras of furniture, each connected to their lives together, tied together by a calming lavender-grey. Walls are adorned with framed linens of mothers/grandmothers and a collection of corbels, capitals, etc. all finished in Enigma.”

When designers at Huff Harrington were asked to update a 40th-floor condo at the Four Seasons Atlanta, they were careful to provide a complete facelift while ensuring new living spaces flowed gracefully from one to another. This to-die-for foyer sets the tone.  Guests are greeted with a Romo-designed riot of green leaves and pattern that plays perfectly off a small (but powerful!) 19th-century carved mirror and a sweet Louis XV table-turned-sink.

For designer Leah Atkins, Schumacher's Faubourg wallpaper added the perfect amount of drama to a master bedroom. "It's a small space so we kept the furniture minimal, but still wanted to make a big impact. Cue the wallpaper," says Leah. "Our client's style was influenced by both modern and global elements, and this wallpaper is the perfect combination of both."

So, take a tour of your own home and find the pieces that pop and speak to you. A simple shift of pieces, rearranging furniture or grouping colorful collections together might just make you smile. And, when in doubt, call in the big guns and let an interior designer make magic happen.

  • Bold and worldly, wallpaper at a residence at the Four Seasons Atlanta by Huff Harrington.
  • @tomasespinozaphotography
  • Zen and dreamy, this bedroom is a refuge, complete with thoughtful brass reading sconces from Leah Atkins Interiors. Photo by Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn
  • Philip Jeffries Blossom Peony wallpaper adorns the ceiling.@tomasespinozaphotography
  • @tomasespinozaphotography
  • There’s a story and a memory for each piece. Instead of paring them down,  go all in! @tomasespinozaphotography
  • Don't let seating weigh down a room. These delightful cotton candy colored cubes make seating a snap. And, more fun!
  • Alder wood canopies, one masculine, one feminine, with Rustic Nail Co. Out of Bowling Green, KY. @tomasespinozaphotography
  • Nervous about permanent pops of color? Get just a taste with your next dinner party or family gathering.