I bubble dare you

Wine Director Randy Freeland from Bubbles Liquor World shares his recommendations of the best Bubblies for celebrating life's best moments.

Get ready to pop the bubbly for all your upcoming celebrations, parties, holiday dinners, and maybe just maybe for no other reason than to enjoy a glass of bubbly. We sat down with Wine Director Randy Freeland from Bubbles Liquor World to learn about his current favorites and his picks for all your upcoming occasions.

If you’ve been wanting to get more in the know about Bubbly, Randy is your guy. The whirlwind of knowledge he possesses about the history of sparkling wines could make your head “pop”. In a nut shell Randy explained, “ essentially sparkling wine is a still wine that has gone through a secondary fermentation with the addition of sugar and yeast resulting in carbon dioxide which creates bubbles.”  

What we learned is, if you are looking for a kind hearted, happy, and walking google for wine, go in and ask to see Randy. The staff will call him on the loud speaker and he will show up like a wine angel to assist you.

Randy’s current favorites include bubblies from all around the world. From Champagne to prosecco.  He included a Cava, which we found is made the same way that Champagne is produced, but with different grapes. We learned that Cava is far closer to Champagne (in terms of taste) than Prosecco. If you’re looking for value bubbly, Cava might be the right pick for you.

One of our favorite tidbits of knowledge Randy shared with us was a type of bubbly referred to as “grower Champagne” or “ Farmer’s Fizz.” These are estate-grown wines produced by the people who farm the grapes, who are committed to growing wines that express the character of the region, the grape and the vineyard. Amazingly, these wines are no more expensive (and often less) than their big-brand counterparts. Randy let know that he has quite the selection of “ Farmer’s Fizz”  wines in the store for people to enjoy and learn more about.

One thing we quickly were impressed with was not only is Bubbles Liquor World considered a big box store to ensure everyone can find what they are looking for. They also are committed to and pride themselves in carrying local products and supporting the emergence of the small producers of all varietals of wine and spirits.

As we left our sparkling wine lesson. We learned something else too.  If you are looking for a kind hearted, happy, and walking google for wine, go in and ask to see Randy. The staff will call him on the loud speaker and he will show up like a wine angel to assist you. Randy Freeland, 13 years as the Wine Director and still going strong. We have a strong suspicion he’s still as passionate and excited to share and help you pick the perfect bottle Bubbly as the day he started.

Randy’s Cheat Sheet to quick Bubbly facts:

Sparkling wine can be produced anywhere in the world but there are certain types, like Champagne, that can only come from a specific region.

The two most common sparkling winemaking methods are the “traditional” method and “charmat” or “tank” method.

For the most part, regions that are known for sparkling wine production use grapes that are native to the area.

Sparkling wine is carbonated via a secondary fermentation, while still wine only goes through one fermentation.


Pierre Peters Blanc De Blanc. 64.99

Now headed by fourth-generation Rodolphe Peters, Pierre Peters’ Côtes des Blancs based estate is made up of 18 hectares, all of which are dedicated to Chardonnay (most of which are designated Grand Cru). Fruit for ‘Cuvée de Réserve’ Blanc de Blancs comes from 67 different vineyard parcels, leading to a complex and structured final wine noted with flavors of crisp pear, green apple, hazelnut, and brioche. An awesome quality to price (QPR) gem from the Côtes des Blancs!


Pierre Gimonnet Premier Cru Blanc De Blanc. 49.99

Lively, aerial, not measured, technically perfect... This Cuvee Brut sans annee Cuis 1er Cru represents the archetype style of the Pierre Gimonnet & Fils. One appreciates this classic assembly "without year", a consistent taste, for its vivacity, its lightness, and its fineness: the whole purity of the Great Chardonnays of the Côte des Blancs.


Anno Domini Prosecco, 22.99 (Extra Dry Style, Little Sweeter.)

Biodynamic and Vegan Glera matches excellent alone as an aperitif with assorted appetizers. Suitable for accompanying all fish dishes, pasta dishes, and risottos, especially with vegetables; also a good match for white meat.


Zardetto Regularly 14.99, Sale 12.99 (Brut Style, Little Dryer)

Lemon-yellow in color with elegant, refined bubbles that form a hearty white froth. Aromas of white flowers, apricot, and herbs create a delicately soft bouquet. The palate is comprised of citrus, orange blossoms, and stone fruits. Fresh citrus and floral notes linger on the finish. It's an ideal aperitif and the perfect choice for celebrations large and small. Not to mention, an excellent partner in sparkling cocktails.


Anna De Codorniu White. 15.99

This brut, which is both soft and fresh on the palate, displays the liveliness and femininity that its name suggests. It is the first time Chardonnay has been blended with Cavas classic grape trio and the result highlights the fresh floral and fruit aromas of the ageing process. :. Food Matching and Serving Suggestions This Cava is soft and fresh to the palate. Light and aromatic. We think you shouldn't miss it with the great crustaceans (lobster, giant crabs, etc). Also with white and tight-flesh fishes (sole, dorade, sea bass). Serve chilled. Drink in a flute glass.


Sparklet Rose, 20.99

Electric pink with a lively acidity. Exhibiting pink grapefruit, bubble gum and candied strawberries. 11.5g/L residual sugar balances out the striking acid profile, and has you craving for more.

Fermented in stainless steel. Porch pounders unite!

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