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The Portable Campfire

LavaBox: The Safer Way To Enjoy a Fire

The LavaBox was born on the river.

During forest fire season in the heart of the Rockies, a group of raft guides and kayakers got together for one of the last trips of the year. While trying out a “portable” backyard fire pit, someone joked about putting the behemoth on a raft. Everyone laughed—but it sparked an idea. What if you could put a fire inside the most used piece of gear on the boat: the humble ammo can? Raft guides need rugged tools and ammo cans find their way on rafts (and battlefields) for this reason.

“They are so tough you can light them on fire… so we did!” said LavaBox founder and chief eruption officer, Josh Thurmond. “The rest is warm—and safe—history.”

Ammo Cans are Cool!

It’s simple. The LavaBox is a portable campfire that lives in an ammo box and runs off propane, just like a grill at home. No smoke. No firewood. No charcoal. No ashes. No sweat.

Why ammo cans?

“We chose ammo cans for a bunch of good reasons!” Thurmond said. “First, they are ultra-tough. We are hardcore outdoor people and we like tough things. Also, they are steel. Steel will eventually go back to the earth so we wanted to choose something that would recycle at some point. Second, they are super portable. They are far easier to pack than those round pits. They fit anywhere, really. Plus, they have a lid so you can just close up the mess and pack it away. Third, they are iconic! They are one of the most recognizable pieces of gear out there. The cool factor is very high!”

Plus, they’re mostly water tight. A bit of water may leak in at the valve holes, but they’ll float.

“You'll have enough time to recover it if you flip your boat, but save the beers first,” the website indicates. Noted.

Campfires Even During Fire Bans

In the last decade, the Pikes Peak region has suffered the Waldo Canyon and Black Forest fires. Dozens more wildfires have devasted other areas of beautiful state during that time.

Let’s face it–Colorado tends to be a bit of a tinderbox. But Coloradoans tend to be outdoorsy. Campers. Hikers. Anglers. Climbers. Rafters. Backyard grillers. Fire pit aficionados. Building-s’mores-over-a-smoldering-campfire types.

Fire bans put a firm crimp in that outdoorsy lifestyle.

Enter LavaBox, the portable campfire allowed even during most fire bans. From the simple Naked Tabletop Vol-CAN-no to the Krakatoa FireBreather, these ammo cans bring the fun.

Hot, Hot, Hot

Denver-based LavaBox launched in 2020 and has grown exponentially since then.  

“Our growth has been tremendous!” Thurmond said. “We have grown over 1000% for the last two years and there are no signs of slowing down any time soon. We will be releasing more amazing products in 2023!”

The closest retail location at the moment is at Spirit of 1876 in Castle Rock, but Thurmond said they’re actively looking for retailers in Colorado Springs. 

Making the World a Better Place

The good folks at LavaBox are proud of their products, but perhaps even more of their philanthropy. They donate a dollar from every box they sell to Team River Runner, an adaptive and veteran adventure paddling program. 

“We have been able to give thousands of dollars to Team River Runner already and we plan on giving much more,” Thurmond said.

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Instagram: @fireanytime
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