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Courtney Sixx, founder and co-designer of Bouquet Box.

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Posh Mom

I asked Jara to repeat what she told me, because I couldn’t wrap my post-childhood brain around it: there’s a non-toxic, tear-free tasty bubble juice!

When you catch a bubble on your tongue or accidentally inhale its spume, it doesn’t taste like unclean sponge water! It tastes like milk chocolate chip or glazed cinnamon roll or, drum roll, bacon (for bubble-eating pups and, you know, bacon lovers.)

Westporter Jara Negrin, aka Posh Mom, ticked off a few more cool items: eye drops that contract the eyelid muscle to give the appearance of an eye-lift; “Here for You” hats and sweatshirts to raise awareness of depression (a percentage of the profits go to charity); DIY flower bouquets, sampler boxes of Rebel Daughter cookies.

All of these items, plus parenting tips and advice, are available on her new live-stream shopping site, (PM), devoted to helping moms and dads find the best stuff in home decor, wellness, beauty, and more. The posh posse - all local women and most are moms - vet every item, seeking new, interesting, and safe goods that won’t strain credit cards. “We’re like Goop, in an accessible way,” she explains.

But PM is more than a standard marketplace.

PM partners with high-profile influencers and celebrity moms - “posh pros” - to advocate for their favorite products. For instance, she works with the mom/owner of @SamsonTheDood to glean the best stuff for parenting and pooches, such as the light-up collar worn by Samson himself and his doods.

These women also host livestreams, fielding customer questions and discussing the products they endorse. These are recorded and kept on the site so customers can watch them when they’re ready to shop.

Finally, a posh-prep for entrepreneurs: PM provides a platform and “crash-course” in marketing an online business. “Moms who create businesses are time-strapped and overwhelmed by the marketing,” Jara explains. “We help them get their product marketed.” (Of note, they help everyone who sells with them, not just the moms.)

This help includes teaching them sales tactics and how to tell their story, for which PM is primed. As a child, Jara was in 75 national commercials, including a Wisk “ring around the collar” ad. (Does Wisk still exist? No. And the decades-long campaign ended when consumers realized that a man’s dirty neck stains aren’t his wife’s fault or responsibility.) And, in a previous iteration of PM, she frequently appeared as an expert on TV morning shows to discuss her product recommendations.

As well, VP of Content and Strategy Ali Dorfman’s background is producing stories for network TV. So all posh participants benefit from their expert advice.

Get to know a bit more about Jara on her stylish and sweet Instagram, @PoshMomLive, where she surprises moms with blow-dry certificates, curates professional advice, and generally makes people happy.


“Moms who create businesses are time-strapped and overwhelmed by the marketing,” Jara explains. “We help them get their product marketed.”

  • Blazin' Safety illuminated dog collars.
  • Courtney Sixx, founder and co-designer of Bouquet Box.
  • Jara Negrin.
  • Jara Negrin
  • Eyelid-lift eye drops.
  • Tasty bubbles.
  • Rebel Daughter cookies. (Photo: Abi Polinsky)
  • Yellowbird Hot Sauce
  • Beachwaver curling iron.