Positive Habits Created During Lock-Down

Which ones are you bringing into the New Year?

Covid-19 has brought it's fair share of heartache, strife, and struggle. When every day life came to a screeching halt last spring, many of us were left reeling. We were caring for loved ones who were sick, while simultaneously trying to remain healthy. The stress and emotional turmoil were felt across communities. But, has there been a silver lining to the pandemic?  Many of us report a sense of being present, and of re-connecting with family; of slowing down and getting to those home projects. Me? I finally organized my laundry - only took 15 years! Read ahead for more "pandemic wins!"

FAMILY TIME. More family game nights, more family puzzles, more family in general. It just made us all slow down and appreciate each other so much more! Less rush! I'll always be thankful for what Corona has given my family instead of focusing on what we have lost. Nicole Vadnais Shibley

SLOWING DOWN. Our lives are always nonstop. This gave us the time to reconnect as a family and our 4 fuzzies enjoyed having someone home. My daughter celebrated her 13th birthday back at the end of April. I created a virtual scavenger hunt that I sent to her friends and family. It was so much fun! Jen Battles

HOME COOKED MEALS. I think I have learned to slow down a bit, as well as preparing most meals at home. I've definitely saved a lot of money by not eating out so much. Marisa Castro

DAILY FITNESS. I found a group and YouTube channel by Heather Robertson who shares these 12 week and monthly exercise programs. I’m currently on week 10, the most consistently I’ve worked out in a long time! I've been sore for all 10 of those weeks. It's intense, but I feel great! Emily McNally

SELF-CARE. I started walking because I work at the Soldier's home and it was very sad and stressful. I kept walking because I couldn’t get to the gym, and it helped me unwind. I have lost 20+ pounds, a few inches, and I went down a size in clothes. I am now addicted to it because it clears my mind and helps me de-stress. Michele Haymes

STARTING A BUSINESS. I started a new business selling Nuskin beauty products, and 2020 was the year to do it. It forced me to get out of my comfort zone, by utilizing my social network to connect with clients. The flexibility allows me to be present for my family. Check us out at "simply beauty vibes by JZ" on FB. Jennifer Zabielski

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