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Customizing Your Skin Care at Amna Rafiq's Skin Lounge

Amna Rafiq has been making people’s skin soft, glowy, and full of elasticity since she began her business The Skin Lounge in 2019. Her love of skincare dates all the way back to her childhood in Pakistan where she mixed her own face masks and did makeup for her friends and family. She says she loves Fort Collins for its embracing community that has welcomed her from the moment she arrived. 

Rafiq has always been interested in new skin treatments and products, “when I moved up to Fort Collins in 2001, I saw this niche missing where skincare is very personal and people just didn’t treat my skin the way it was supposed to be treated.” Rafiq tells us that The Skin Lounge stands out because she incorporates all of the nitty-gritty aspects of skincare, including education on quality products, makeup, what’s trending, and ingredients to use or avoid. She also uses high-quality products that she tries out herself before using them on her clients. The popular brands she uses at The Skin Lounge currently are Environ and Reguvi.

Treatments Rafiq provides at her business include permanent makeup, facials, and Plasma Fibroblast. Many women believe that skin damage is irreversible, but with the proper treatments, anything is possible! Rafiq states that at her salon, no two facials are the same. Through a thorough consultation, Rafiq examines each client's skin and determines its underlying needs. She also discusses her client’s lifestyles and overall skin goals they desire to create a treatment that matches everything to them perfectly. The effectiveness of personalized facials such as these is what keeps clients coming back for more. “When I give a facial, it’s like a very customized treatment. So I have a consultation before and then everything is customized around their skin type.” 

Rafiq’s daily inspiration lies directly with her passion for skincare and through learning, she has carved her way to an amazing business. I had the pleasure of receiving a facial myself and witnessed firsthand a full personalized treatment. A few days before my facial, I filled out an emailed form where I answered questions about my skin and any specific issues I’d like to be helped with. The form included a wide variety of skin insecurities like acne, rosacea, sun damage, wrinkles, telangiectasias, and much more. 

When I arrived at The Skin Lounge, I was given a towel to change into and asked to lie on a spa chair with soft blankets. The room was very warm and welcoming, allowing me to feel comfortable and relaxed the whole time. My treatment included a bundle of cleansers, masks, creams, and serums that were spread all over my face and neck and then gently wiped off and repeated one after the other. After the product she used was evenly spread, Rafiq used her magic hands to work them into my skin until it was fully soaked in. Her massages stimulated my skin and worked my facial muscles. My eyes were closed the majority of the time, but I could feel my skin feeling more tightened, and refreshed with every concoction and massage she used. 

To get the best results in anything beauty-related, consistency is key! I wasn’t expecting to see too many results due to it being my first time, but my skin looked and felt vastly different. Rafiq handed me a small mirror after the treatment was done and my skin was crystal clear. My favorite products used were the hydrating clay mask and the flavonoid complex. She told me my skin was lacking some brightness so she used one of her vitamin C serums that left my face glowing. That evening I rinsed my face with water and was left with a smooth, moisturized complexion that my other lotions and cleansers never achieved! Overall, my experience at The Skin Lounge left me feeling calm, rejuvenated, and very happy with my results.

Having beautiful skin is one of the best steps to take towards confidence and wellness. What better way to pamper yourself than to schedule an appointment with the best skin care professional in Fort Collins? Check out Rafiq’s website to learn more about all the amazing treatments she offers.


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