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Postcards from a Friend

Aryelle Perez, Johns Creek Chamber of Commerce

For Thanksgiving 2021, my now fiancé and I decided to ditch our families and celebrate with some friends in Colorado. In the week we were there, we went to explore Denver, and ended up in Colorado Springs. On our last day our friends insisted we drive up to Pikes Peak. Pikes Peak is the highest summit of the southern Front Range of the Rocky Mountains in North America, with an elevation of 14,115 feet. There’s no other word I can use for our trip to Pikes Peak besides breathtaking. The physical feeling of being on top of the world makes Pikes Peak more than a destination, but an experience that stays with you long after you leave. 

Alisa Tanner - Wall, Owner, Cherry Street Brewpub at Halcyon & Northshore/Chattanooga

My last vacation is one I will never forget. My husband, Chase, and I were on our babymoon to relax and celebrate before our first son, Holden, would join our family in May 2022. We went on a 7-night Celebrity cruise to the Western Caribbean. We had such a special time together, seeing sunrises, sunsets, beautiful ocean beaches, eating all the yummy food, and just enjoying our time together as a couple before our world would be changed entirely.