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A Different Way To Plan Your Fall Gatherings

Plan it With Potluck: Choose Your Items. Invite Your Friends. Share Your Moments.

Justin Gray and his wife, Sarah, met like any other loving couple, working together. It wasn’t long before they realized they shared a distinct love for hosting and entertaining. At the time, the pair lived in Brooklyn, New York, planning upwards of twenty events yearly!  With so many events, Justin quickly found himself searching for party-planning tools that could make these events easier to plan and navigate.  “I wanted something straightforward, very to the point,” Justin explains. “I didn’t need a lot of bells and whistles... I thought, ‘I can build something for myself,’...and so I came up with the idea for what is now as a way for Sarah and me to have one way to organize all of this fun stuff we were doing.” And so, Potluck was born. 

After a move to Nashville, two kids, and two houses later, launched in October 2021. It made its mark as an online platform designed to simplify the experience of party planning and hosting, keeping it functional and completely private. is a subscription-based model that does not bombard its users with the noisiness of advertising and spam or selling data to third parties.  It is not only a place where you can see who is bringing a specific item to an event but also provides communication among guests using a private chat box. The real gem for those using Potluck is the Moments Pages, where guests have the space to collect and share unlimited photos from their events. And what’s more, every guest that a host invites gets to enjoy all of these functions completely free! You can’t find this anywhere else except at Potluck. 

“What’s motivating for me is to prove that the general public is ready and willing to pay a small price to get a much better experience,” Justin describes. connects us to the people who share our real-life experiences. It’s more than online; it’s personal.