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Pouring into the Community

Investments in little hearts that span beyond brick walls

Children are our future. That is no revelation or well-kept secret. We as their guides and leaders have an incredible responsibility to nurture those minds and souls to be the next generation. When you look at that little face covered in yogurt, do you see a CEO of a major corporation? When you grasp that tiny hand in your own, do you feel the strength of a future commanding officer? When you hear the first garbled words from that precious mouth, do you hear the words that may someday change the world? What we pour into the children today will come flowing out later as they assume positions and build their worlds in society. And there are schools in our own community working diligently to nurture this belief daily.

Six feet, sixty seconds - this is the standard and expectation for two Primrose Schools in Denton County, according to owners Sheldon and Dr. Shelley Connell. When a person enters the building, whether it be a staff member, parent, child or visitor, the goal is for them to feel welcome with open arms, visually pleasing hallways and the sweet sound of learning and laughter within the first sixty seconds and the first six feet of being inside. Each day this group of dedicated staff has the privilege to make investments in young hearts that will be taken into our community now as children and in the future as adults and contributing citizens.

With educational and business backgrounds, the Connells knew they had what it would take to run their own business. After being approached with the idea of buying the school, the couple shares how they felt a need to serve, days of sleepless nights as their hearts were being tugged, personal life events falling into place and then… their next journey began. What started as a business decision quickly became a ministry to build relationships and love on a community of people. Dr. Shelley shares that one of the things she holds dear is the Primrose belief that “who children become is as important as what they know.”  

These little hearts are being filled with unfailing love and values and all the while so are the little brains. Kids are sponges, and each day they are soaking up literacy, math, music, poetry and Spanish all revolving around thematic units that make sense to children. What an opportunity for all interests and talents to shine and be recognized.

Primrose School begins their relationships with children very early. Kids as young as six weeks old receive love, cuddling and rocking. As the children grow, so do the activities, curriculum and classrooms. Kids’ emotional cups are filled daily through hugs, smiles, nourishing meals and a welcoming environment. The Connells not only pour into the children, but the staff as well. In meetings with the staff, the couple encourages and practices integrity among the adults. When asked what this looks like, Sheldon answered, “Do good when no one is watching and always treat others as you would want to be treated - the Golden Rule.” The teachers are asked for excellence, but not perfection. To be coachable and flexible. And most of all, “You gotta love little people!” he says. The school is proud to have teachers who have committed their lives to precious kids, some for as many as twenty years and also including a potty-training whisperer. The Connells have two amazing schools in Flower Mound which they refer to as “Two schools, One heart.” Though they are two different locations, Primrose is truly unified, combining their campuses Old Orchard and NE Flower Mound into ONE campus.

As adults, we need our cups filled each day as well. Our community is a cultural melting pot. The staff at Primrose School hopes to intentionally cultivate cultural connections and build those relationships with families by being transparent and honest, warm and welcoming and making no assumptions. All faiths and food preferences are respected and honored. And face to face communication is welcomed and encouraged. And then, the magic happens.  

Imagine living in a community that is filled with citizens who choose to cultivate relationships well. Where you truly know your neighbor and when you ask “How are you doing?” you stop and listen to the response. Children need to know they are safe and loved. We as adults need to know we are safe and loved. It is comforting to know there is an environment that pursues the greater good in young people. Investing in a child will always pay back larger and stronger than the original investment. Let these little children lead us and take this behavior beyond the walls of a school and into an amazing community of neighbors. When cups are filled, we can pour into others. And dare we say, let our cups overflow.