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DIY charging station keeps the cord clutter out of your home

You’ve seen them; you have them; you know them well. Phone and tablet chargers can quickly become a source of clutter in any home. Local blogger Sarah Jacob created a DIY charging station (using an old breadbox) and has shared her step-by-step process for easy replication.

Jacob blogs under the pseudonym “Mainstream Minimalist” and this DIY project she designed is the perfect example of removing clutter to create a clean environment. Though you can find many retailers who offer charging stations, Jacob says they are often unattractive and utilitarian—not to mention costly. If you’re looking for something attractive, that can hold all your family’s devices (including laptops) and can be powered off when not in use—you may want to try building your own charging station with Jacob's step-by-step guide.

After finding a rustic breadbox at a local antique mall, Jacob knew she had the beginning of the perfect charging station. With just a little paint, holes drilled for cords and a new power strip, she created her own charging station for just $42 (breadbox: $20; power strip: $18; paint: $4).

For this and other minimalist inspiration, follow Jacob's blog online.

  1. Select your box. Jacob used a breadbox but recommends getting something to fit your style: basket, box, trunk or cabinet. Whatever you choose, be sure it’s large enough to fit all your devices.
  2. Drill holes in the back so the power strip’s cord(s) can slip through en route to your outlet.
  3. Purchase a power strip that fits all your electronic devices and their unique cords (most are likely USB cords). The power station featured is from Amazon.
  4. Apply a few coats of paint to your box. Jacob selected light blue chalk paint to fit with her home’s décor.
  5. Once the paint is dry and your power station is in hand, you’re ready to plug the devices in and test out your new charging station. Jacob suggests using cable clips and labels to keep cords organized inside the box.

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