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Kyle Powers of Haven Real Estate Group seeks real estate clarity through education

What is your background?

I came from a small farm community outside of Leavenworth, Kansas, graduating from Pleasant Ridge High School with 53 kids in my class. My mom was the principal at the middle school, and my dad was the vice principal at the high school. After graduation, I came to K-State in 2005. I quickly changed my major and graduated college with a Construction Science and Management degree with a minor in business.

 How did you get into Real Estate?

In 2009 my boss at the time handed me a book called Rich Dad, Poor Dad. This one book changed the trajectory of my entire life. Unfortunately, it did take a little bit for me pull the trigger on quitting my job, but a whole lot of backstory led me up to April 13th, 2015 which was the first day I was unemployed and officially running my business. I showed up at my new brokerage, scared as hell, but also super excited and said, “Okay, let's get started”. I do have to give credit my amazing my wife (Mallory). I thank God every day for her because quite literally, there's no way I would've been able to do this without her. The amount of support and belief in me and what I can do is unparalleled.

 What is your favorite thing about Real Estate?

As cliche as it sounds, helping and educating families. Real Estate can be a scary thing for most people. But that fear comes from the unknown. So one of the ways I really try to help families is by walking them through the process and educating them

The last few years have been weird. How's the Manhattan market looking right now?

This is the BIG question right now. So, I truly believe this, and in my opinion the market is always good. The question really is who is it good for? As of today, I believe it is good for both sellers and buyers. Our market is slowly changing, but that is part of it. That is what the real estate market does.

That all being said, the market really doesn't matter when it comes to you and your family’s needs. What I mean is what are your needs right now? I know when my wife and I sold our house and moved into our current one it wasn’t because we WANTED to move into it and change homes. It was because we HAD to. In reality, the best time is always right now or when it is right for you. Over time real estate has proven to appreciate if you take care of it.

What is some advice you would give to a first-time home buyer?

Do your research and educate yourself. There are so many platforms and people available to help you. Then find a guide, a coach, a Realtor© that you trust will help you and guide you through the home buying process. You know when somebody's listening to you, and when someone's not. Find that agent who is going to listen to your concerns, wants and needs to find you the right home for you. Education and knowledge of this process is everything.

What advice would you give to somebody looking into buying a second home, rental investment, or a vacation property?

I'm going back to education. Educate yourself on the market, your numbers and what returns are you looking for. Then know your strengths and weaknesses. For example, if you’re not good at swinging a hammer, or if you are not good at understanding numbers, then you need to find someone that can help you with that. Buying investment properties is one of the most fulfilling things you will ever do and it is an amazing opportunity to build wealth. I truly believe that everyone should own real estate. The difference is that everyone’s “team” will look different as everyone’s strengths and weaknesses are different.

Why come to Kyle Powers with Haven Real Estate Group at eXp Realty?

Don't! What I mean by that is: don't come to me because some article says to; I encourage you to find a professional real estate agent. Yes, there is a difference. Go to somebody that you trust. If that's me, AWESOME! I would be honored to be a part of your journey through buying or selling a house or starting an investment company. If it’s not me, that is awesome too. I know that I will not mesh with everyone. But for me, it always falls back to education of the process.

Anything else you'd like our readers to know?

Don't be afraid. Don't be afraid of change. Don't be afraid of real estate. Ask questions. Educate yourself. It’s the most important thing you can do.

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