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Practicing Active Medicine

Dr. Jaeson Courseault immediately greets you with a smile when you enter his office. Don’t call him a sports medicine doctor, he would prefer active medicine. Everyone should be active and often times you might need a little rehabilitation to continue being active for decades. 

Dr. Courseault is board-certified in family medicine and in sports medicine, a practice he honed coming from the locker rooms of Baylor, Moorehouse and Tulane Universities. He moved to Atlanta with his wife and young daughter to be closer to family in early 2020. Trading in his dream car (Corvette Z ‘06) for a Mercedes van, he renovated the van into a mobile exam room, which you can find in the parking lot of the LifeHope medical building. He continues to use the van for special appearances on the sidelines of sporting events, as well as senior home visits and visits to the homes of his more private clients. His vision is to provide a concierge experience to his patients. His partnership with LifeHope allows him to continue these services with the backing of a team of other well-qualified professionals in the active medicine field.

Dr. Courseault’s open dialogue with his clients allows him to pinpoint the exact treatment needed to get the job done. When one treatment isn't the exact answer, he is always ready to explore alternative treatment possibilities with his co-workers in the office suite. Housed in the LifeHope building on Great Oaks Way in Alpharetta, the entire floor is dedicated to the practice of active medicine. You will find rehabilitation, therapy and performance NeuroKinetix with Bronson Walters, Train with Stamina sports performance and personal training with David Kross and Andre White, Alpha Sports Recovery chiropractic and therapeutic massage with Dr. Eric Somers, and of course Trif3cta with Dr. Courseault. In addition to this incredibly beneficial host of expert providers, LifeHope Healing Med Spa is also a partner, there to assist his patients and their families with their self-care journey, from skincare to body contouring.

Creating not just a plan, but the right plan for each patient is key to Dr. Courseault’s practice. Medicine today has evolved so much since his medical school years only a decade back, he says “Medicine today is always changing to meet the needs of our patients. I’m eager to inform my patients about the latest developments.” Mental health is just as important as physical health in his methods for healing, as there is a key mental piece that needs to be addressed for the successful recovery of any injury. Dr. Courseault is continuing to enrich his practice with learning. He hopes to fill the expansive patient activity room at LifeHope with the active person or the person who wants to become active or active again: the definition of active medicine.


Instagram: @trif3ctasportsmed