Prairie Arts Collective Finds New Home

Stained glass, classes and bigger space make the cut

Cutting glass is easier than it sounds.

Patrick Patterson, who owns Prairie Arts Collective in Oklahoma City’s Paseo with his wife Shawn, leans over the square of yellow glass with a tool that resembles a pen.

“Keep it upright and just push it down in one long straight line. Don’t stop in the middle,” he instructed. The tool’s scratching noise echoed the light score mark down the glass square. Patrick picked it up, and with barely any pressure, broke the glass along the score mark.

“See, that wasn’t too hard, was it,” he said.

Patrick and Shawn both help students throughout central Oklahoma to learn the art of stained glass. They specialize in the copper foil method made famous in America by Tiffany, but both are also experts in historic stained glass window restoration and repair.

Now, as of June 1, The Prairie Arts Collective studio is in a newer, bigger space. The Prairie Arts Collective studio has a new home at 3110 N. Walker, just up the road and around the corner from its original space in the Paseo.

“We have a smidge over 2,000 square feet now,” said Patrick. “The initial plan was to expand the number of people we could have in the classes, but COVID-19 put the kabash on that.”

Working with stained glass, the Pattersons harness the beauty of light through the traditional lead method and also the copper foil method. They specialize in original designs, custom designs and historic restorations, but also offer classes and workshops at the studio too.

The stained glass classes and workshops remain popular despite the COVID restrictions. The new studio has grown to five large worktables and to nine grinders. However, due to social distancing, the number of people in the beginner classes and Date Night classes remain limited.

The Pattersons spent many years in New England and the Commonwealth of Virginia, becoming experts in the art of historic restoration and repair of stained glass. After a visit to Oklahoma City, the couple decided to call The Paseo home.
Shawn Patterson, the resident Prairie Arts artist, has more than 30 years of stained glass art experience, but is also the curator for the unusual and bohemian fashions available at the Prairie Arts retail space.

The studio creates original stained glass designs and creations, stained glass supplies, stained glass event nights as well as experienced renovations, restorations and repair of stained glass.

The classes are the most popular, however. Prairie Arts offers five-week beginner classes and independent study sessions. On various Friday nights, the Pattersons also host Date Night Classes.

“It doesn’t have to a romantic date either. You can bring your mom, your friend, your grandma… if you can’t find a friend, we’ll find one for you,” said Patrick.

During the five-week classes, beginners can learn the techniques used to create their own stained glass project. During Date Nights, pairs work on smaller designs that can be completed in one night.

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