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Prairie Village Pet Hospital

Your Partner in Petcare

Your dog’s love for you is boundless. So too is your cat’s, even if they sometimes choose to express it by digging their claws into your arm. If your little pal ever fell ill, you would reciprocate their affection by seeking the very best veterinary care for them. Fortunately, that level of devotion wouldn’t even mean leaving town.

Prairie Village Pet Hospital was founded by Dr. Bob Skinner in 1984. The practice grew right alongside Eden Prairie, ultimately offering virtually every medical service a pet lover could ask for. Today Dr. Jim Nelson and Dr. Patia Hargreaves oversee Prairie Village’s complete host of animal care services, which include surgery, dentistry, diagnostics, vaccinations, microchipping, parasite prevention and control, urgent care, and specialized care for kittens and puppies.

“We pride ourselves on offering truly full-service veterinary care,” said Sara Aho, practice manager for Prairie Village. “In addition to ongoing training for all of our team members, that means continually investing in improved veterinary technology. Whereas many animal hospitals have to refer out patients for diagnostic imaging, we’re able to accelerate petcare by performing both X-rays and ultrasounds on-site. Our clinic’s own therapeutic laser for treating arthritis is a godsend to older dogs and cats who get uncomfortable during long car rides.

“Our dental radiograph machine makes life even more comfortable for pets in Eden Prairie. With it our vets are able to detect diseases beneath the gum line, which are normally invisible without special equipment. Dental radiography is especially helpful to cats, which are regrettably highly susceptible to tooth resorption, a condition where a tooth is quite literally absorbed back into the body. Cats are stoic animals which do not like to show weakness by expressing pain. That can be an admirable quality to have, although it can also make it difficult to discern what exactly is bothering cats without the help of dental X-rays!

“We recently purchased a new blood pressure machine, which we will offer as part of our wellness screening services. Many people never think to have their pet’s blood pressure taken, which is forgivable considering that many people never think to have their own blood pressure taken as well. But by making access to blood pressure testing so convenient, we’re able to detect and preemptively treat many conditions before they can damage our patients’ eyes, kidneys and other vital organs.

“Not all of our equipment is meant to make life easier for our patients. We’re just as committed to helping their owners. That’s why we have partnered with Vetsource, which provides online pharmacy services. Even the most attentive pet owner can get sidetracked and forget to refill their dog or cat’s prescription. It is especially hard to keep track of monthly medications, such as Heartgard Plus which protects against deadly heartworm. But now thanks to Vetsource all of our clients can automatically receive their pets’ medications by mail – which also serves as the perfect reminder that they need to administer them!

“We’re honored to donate our high-tech veterinary services to several deserving local non-profits, such as Rejection Collection Boxer Rescue. In 2019 they sent us Jack Frost, a snow white boxer who had been discovered living in a frozen parking lot. We treated Jack for his skin condition right away, and we also removed a particularly worrying lump from his side. 

“Fortunately, we determined the lump was only a cyst. With a clean bill of health Jack became adoptable. He now lives in Hickory, North Carolina with a lady who simply adores him. She was even so kind as to provide a recent update on our former patient:

It's hard for me to express how much Jack means to us. He entered our lives right after we lost our precious Boo to cardiomyopathy, and he brought laughter and healing back to our home and hearts. He goes everywhere with me now. He’s so gentle, he’s even on his best behavior whenever we visit our purr-friend’s house. His soft snore still overwhelms my heart. He is literally perfection!

“Success stories like Jack Frost’s mean everything in the world to the Prairie Village team. We do everything we can to prevent the need for such dramatic recoveries, which is why we welcome everyone to bring their pets in for routine nose-to-tail wellness exams. But however grave your best friend’s health might be, take comfort that the help they need to get better is practically next door!”

Prairie Village Pet Hospital is located at 7815 Terrey Pine Court in Eden Prairie. You may learn more about the practice at, or schedule an appointment by calling (952) 934-0335.

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