Pratt Brothers Christmas Holiday Spectacular

Holiday light show evolves from entertainment attraction to Hollywood TV feature

Pratt Brothers Christmas Holiday Spectacular!
Holiday light show evolves from entertainment attraction to Hollywood TV feature

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. For two enterprising brothers, these holidays will be a bit more
merry and bright… And a whole lot busier! Kyle and Sammy Pratt love the holidays and all the associated
fun and celebration. The duo turned their passion for holiday lights and entertainment into the Pratt
Brothers Christmas & Holiday Spectacular, a thrilling light experience and immersive holiday wonderland
at Bell Bank Park in Mesa.

Installing the light displays and attractions that go along with it was a monumental task. “We start about
mid-April, when we get on-site” says Sammy. “From that day forward, we pretty much have been
working 24-hours around the clock, trying to race to put it up for this year.” Some of the facets of
getting the attraction open included designing and building out the displays, working with the City of
Mesa and Mesa Fire and Medical Department, coordinating electricity and ensuring safety standards.
It may come as no surprise that the brothers’ parents were supportive when they had built a Christmas
“ride” in their living room. That ride evolved into what is now the train ride at the Pratt Brothers
Christmas & Holiday Spectacular.

The Pratt Brothers were born into the entertainment business. Their father is Arizona broadcast legend,
Dave Pratt. Together, Dave and his wife Paula fostered their sons’ holiday obsession. “Growing up,
Sammy and I were so fortunate to go to Disneyland every year during the holidays,” says Kyle. “When
we would come home, we were so bummed that the magic was over… We wanted to keep that same
feeling going that we felt as kids and share that with everyone in Arizona. It turned into a hobby gone
Their first holiday light show started at their home in 2015 with a handful of neighbors and the mailman
coming by to see the displays. By 2020, they had been shut down because of all the traffic and people
clogging their residential street. The Pratt Brothers re-imagined the experience on a bigger scale.
Be prepared! The Holiday Spectacular will take a few hours to enjoy. The immersive experience attracts
all ages and features over six million lights, a three-story gingerbread house, “snowfall” and bubbles.
And of course, there are two trains available to take guests through the holiday experience to visit
themed areas including Sugar Plum Acres, Bakery Boulevard, Cotton Candy Corner, Lollipop Lane,
Marshmallow Way, and Peppermint Place. It’s a visual and aromatic-filled wonderland everywhere you
go. A holiday light show with pyrotechnics takes place every 15-minutes. Holiday characters, themed
entertainment and yummy treats round out the experience.

With so much attention on their Christmas lights, Hollywood was bound to notice. Kyle and Sammy were
chosen to participate in “The Great Christmas Light Fight” airing nationally on ABC. “It gets four families
together across America and they compete for $50,000,” explains Sammy. “Kyle and I are on that show
this year and we’re just as anxious for the outcome as anyone else!” The show runs through mid-

“Even if we don’t win, I think the coolest thing is that it’s a mini-documentary on the house,” finishes
Sammy. “It’s a moment in time that was captured with our entire family and filmed with professional
cameras. It’s something cool to have as a memory going forward.”
For tickets and more information, visit www.prattbrotherschristmas.com.

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