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Premier Craftsmanship with an Affordable Price Tag

It's unfair to assume that as a business grows and expands, the quality of its product or service will suffer and it increases the output or quantity of said product or service. At least, that's definitely the case for locally owned and operated Medina Flooring. 

For Hinckley native and Medina Flooring owner Bill Reichelt, providing quality products and services has always been his No. 1 goal. 

"Business started off slow when we first opened in 2009, but after a while, the referrals started to multiply, and I was able to bring in other select installers and start building our team," Bill says. "But even as we have grown, we are still careful to handle each job we take on with the proper service, as to maintain a high quality of craftsmanship."

Medina Flooring offers premier craftsmanship at a price that won't break even the tightest of budgets. The company keeps its prices low by purchasing inventory directly from mills, cutting out the middleman and reducing extra costs.

"I started out as a tile setter and flooring installer when I was young and have been involved in the construction industry ever since," Bill says. "When I decided to build this business, I knew from the very beginning that I wanted to offer high-end custom installation at an affordable price."

And that's just what Bill has done. Medina Flooring offers carpet, vinyl, hardwood and tile products and installation.

Medina Flooring

4964 Ridge Road, Granger Township