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Premier Jet Center

Eden Prairie’s Premier Fixed Base Operator

“Flying Cloud Airport is a hub of business and flight training activity,” said Michael Lawrence, general manager of Premier Jet Center. “It is also the reason why almost 1,200 of our friends and neighbors have jobs – many of whom I’m honored to work alongside."

“If you only think of air travel as something that happens in the air, then you overlook just how much support an aircraft and its crew need down on the ground. While the great majority of Premier Jet Center’s 50 team members do not actually fly as part of their jobs, they’re no less indispensable to Flying Cloud Airport’s operations. "

“We’re the professionals who schedule arrivals and departures, drive the trucks that tow, fuel and deice planes, perform maintenance ranging from engine inspection to interior refurbishment, and provide every other service that keeps personal and business aviation safe, convenient and accessible."

“Our service to our client can begin before they have even purchased their own plane. Whether you would like it for recreation or business, we will match you with the aircraft that best suits your needs. In addition to filling out all the necessary paperwork and negotiating the best price, our brokerage service includes an exhaustive inspection that brings any potential problems to light."

“If a jet is showing signs of corrosion or its engines have timed out, we’ll inform our client of the issue before they make any commitments. And if they would like to proceed with purchasing an aircraft that needs work before it can safely take flight, our expert mechanics are standing by."

“Planes require maintenance even when they aren’t flown very often. Instead of hiring a full-time mechanic (or learning how to perform intricate repairs on their own), our clients depend on our team to keep their aircraft fully compliant with FAA regulations. That includes airframe inspection, engine maintenance, and taking care of regular oil changes."

“Our commitment to preserving our clients’ aircraft extends to their interiors. We install new carpeting, update interior lighting, replace seats’ cushioning, leatherwork and headliners, and provide anything else comfortable air travel demands."

“Aircraft, as you have likely already observed, require a large amount of storage space. That is why building costs often preclude many from private hangar ownership. Our large hangars minimize our clients’ overhead costs by storing their planes as close together as the pieces in a jigsaw puzzle, but we’re able to have any one of them fueled up and ready for departure at almost a moment’s notice."

“Premier Jet Center makes air travel convenient for everyone on our clients’ planes. We will save you time by valeting your vehicle at the aircraft – and when you return home, your car will be warmed up and waiting."

“Your pilot will receive similar white glove treatment. We provide them with a car if they would like to leave the airport in your absence, and we give them a comfortable place to relax in if they would prefer to stay in our flight center. We set up an amazing theater in our hangar back in 2018 so crew members could watch the Super Bowl!"

“Flying Cloud Airport is the perfect location for Premier Jet Center. Eden Prairie is surrounded by businesses that regularly welcome guests from out of town, and it gives our clients full access to the Twin Cities without having to wait in long lines at MSP. This increased efficiency helps businesses to be flexible, travel to more than one location in a single day, and carry equipment that is difficult to transport on the airlines."

“Our city also supplies the talented, hard-working professionals we need in order to do our best work. I would encourage anyone to pursue the wide-ranging career options in aviation.”

“If you only think of air travel as something that happens in the air, then you overlook just how much support an aircraft and its crew need down on the ground."

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