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Preparing For Power Outages During Seasonal Storms

During the Summer months in the South the heat can be brutal.  Not having air conditioning in your home or business during periods of high temperatures and humidity as those experienced in our area will lead to misery.  

Power outages can occur during and after electrical storms, in addition to power overloads during periods of high demand.  Until more electrical customers commit to solar and wind power, rolling blackouts may become common.

The potential for power outages shows evidence of increases in weather cycles due to climate change.  The number of storms and hurricanes have dramatically risen in recent years.  

Having backup sources for electricity is an option worth considering so that you are not left without the power you need.  Many home improvement stores sell portable generators in varied wattages.  An energy evaluation with a licensed electrical contractor can determine the number of watts you need to power the items most necessary for your use during a power outage.  Once you purchase a portable generator, it is recommended that you hire a licensed electrical contractor to help you safely install your portable generator as needed.  With proper direction, your portable generator can be directly connected to your electrical system when the power goes out.

A more expensive way to stay powered up at home is with a whole house generator, typically powered by natural gas.  This house generator will likely power your entire house.

We recommend that you consider purchasing a whole house generator from Generac.  They are ready to provide special services to our readers when you call them on the special phone number just for our readers at 877.675.2112.  See their ad in this issue on page##.

When you are ready to consult with a contractor for advice or for backup power installation, we recommend you contact one of our two partners who are licensed electrical contractors, Electric Solutions at 704.521.1160 or Acosta Heating Cooling and Electrical at 704.879.3400.