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Preserving a legacy

'Small-town American feel in a wonderful community'

Article by Wendy Sack

Photography by Amanda Myers - Fox and Hound Photography

Originally published in Cullman City Lifestyle

Gentlemen, show us your smiles!

When it comes to your health, dental care is extremely important. Regular teeth cleanings and exams, and, of course, daily brushing and flossing are a must because, as the saying goes, “There’s no health without oral health.”

Dr. Jonathan Echols knows a thing or two about that.

Echols, the son of the late, beloved physician Dr. Bob Echols, owns Cullman Cosmetic & Family Dentistry in the heart of the city’s southeast side.

The younger Echols purchased the practice of Dr. Edwards 20 years ago, followed by the practices of Dr. Carter and Dr. Freeman. After the infamous tornadoes of 2011, the practice’s building was demolished, and the current building was erected.

Three years ago, Echols decided to sell his practice, but he had second thoughts.

“We exist in a wonderful community that has a small-town American feel,” Echols said. “In September 2021 I sold my practice to a dental management company.  After what I felt were a lot of wrong turns and mismanagement, I decided to make an offer to take it back. By purchasing back my practice at the end of 2023, we were able to preserve the legacy of a small-town American feel in a wonderful community.”

The practice offers all the services you’d expect from a dental practice, and then some.

“We provide all services from extractions to root canals to implants.  We do hybrid dentures, locator dentures and traditional dentures,” said Echols, “but our niche is that we offer it all.  We don’t refer you out – and because we have four doctors on staff, you never have to worry we will be closed.  

Cullman Cosmetic & Family Dentistry is also very involved in the community, often engaging with local nonprofits.

“Our practice manager was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2022.  We partnered with the Cullman County Bosom Buddies that year for its annual Little Pink Dress event.  We sponsor every year now,” said Echols. “We also participate in Smiles for Life. That’s an organization that gives back to children in need by giving away whitening kits for donations. We also work with The Link of Cullman County in various ways.”

Echols talked about what he feels is the most special thing about Cullman Cosmetic & Family Dentistry.

“Our greatest hope is that all who enter our doors leave with a sense of being better just for coming to see us. Our wish is that everyone has the chance to reach their potential in dentistry as well as in life.  Our mission statement is: Helping People Reach Their Potential. I am so thankful I get to change people’s lives every day.”

Echols has served on the Foundation Board of Trustees for Cullman Regional as well as the Good Samaritan Health Clinic. He is a deacon at Cullman Church of Christ and also serves his community by working with missions and the youth of the church.

Other dentists on staff include Dr. James Porter, Dr. Ashley Holladay and Dr. Perron Tucker.

Cullman Cosmetic & Family Dentistry is located at 311 Sixth Ave. SE. Keep up with the practice and its community engagement activities online at, and

"Our greatest hope is that all who enter our doors leave with a sense of being better just for coming to see us."

"I am so thankful I get to change people’s lives every day.”

  • Dr. Jonathan Echols
  • Dr. Echols shows off some equipment at Cullman Cosmetic & Family Dentistry.

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