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Preserving a Legacy

Paw Paw Brown’s Bronco Brings New Memories

When the Georgia Broncos Club learned about Phillip “Paw Paw” Brown’s 1969 Bronco, they knew they had to help. Paw Paw had dreamed of refurbishing his beloved vehicle, but his passing left the project unfinished. Moved by this story, volunteers and donors united to make his dream a reality.

Project Paw Paw Brown started in July 2022 and the restored vehicle was revealed in April 2024 during a special celebration at Deep Roots Wine Market and Tasting Room in Roswell.

When the cover came off the Bronco, daughter Kymberly Matthews was overwhelmed. "I was so happy that Daddy’s dream had finally come to fruition," she said. "The new look was a perfect blend of rugged and vintage, keeping his spirit alive."

“When I saw it, I envisioned my Paw Paw in the front seat smiling,” shared granddaughter Kylie Elliott. “It felt like a part of him was with me again!”

“Paw Paw was a dedicated Boy Scouts troop master and I will always cherish the times we spent together on camping trips,” said grandson Zack Smith. “To see the Bronco restored, especially in a way he always wanted, means the world to me and my family.”

Georgia Broncos founder Brian LaFluer said that seeing the family’s reaction made all the efforts worthwhile. “This was our first time doing a community build. It was a humbling experience,” admitted LaFluer. “We had 42 volunteers, 900 work hours and over $12,000 in donations.”                                 

“This was a complete frame-off restoration to ensure the family received a safe and reliable Bronco,” added lead builder Gabe Donnelson from Strange Klassics Garage. "We knew it was an important piece of Mr. Brown’s legacy. We wanted to honor his vision.”

"This project was challenging, but incredibly rewarding," volunteer Chad Blotske shared. "It brought the community together. I gained new friends and family.”

Volunteer Troy White was inspired to join the project with his son Parker. "No matter how many hours it took or how hard it would be, the family needed this connection to their Paw Paw. It was truly incredible to give back."

Volunteers discovered some of Paw Paw’s personal belongings in the tailgate.

“When we first saw the Bronco out in the field it was like a time capsule. We repainted the toolbox, cleaned up the tools, and conditioned his gloves,” shared Erin Donnelson, co-owner of Strange Klassics Garage. “The finishing touch was to have the volunteers sign the toolbox."