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Restaurateurs, Jason Sheetz and William Sigley, Plan To Expand Woodstock's Culinary Landscape This Fall

Jason Sheetz and William Sigley, the dynamic duo behind Succulent Hospitality's Prime 120 and Under The Cork Tree, are Woodstock's friendly neighborhood restaurateurs. With expansions and new concept restaurants popping up within the next six months, there will be an explosion of good times, fine wines and delicious food. Jason and William are working tirelessly to redefine our culinary landscape that will change how we dine and celebrate in downtown Woodstock.

I have known Jason and William for over a decade. They are kind, generous and thoughtful men who work hard to create opportunities for others while building community, one fine meal at a time. Philanthropic by nature, the duo are dedicated to their community and have, over the years, supported various non-profit organizations to help raise money for many charities across Metro Atlanta. Food is their love language and defines how they give to others.

Prime 120's classic American steakhouse vibe with dark wood, red leather booths and subdued lighting give way to a brightly lit, artfully curated, open-concept dining room. "We definitely have color in places most steakhouses do not," says Sheetz, "blues, greens, and oranges replace the more traditional dark wood tones; it's very fresh and clean...just the way we like our restaurants!" 

Prime 120 is anchored at one end by a showman's kitchen with double wood-burning ovens, and at the other end, there sits a beautifully landscaped terrace bar and en plein air dining room. "As long as it's not 32 or 100 degrees outside, it's the best seat in Woodstock," says Sheetz. An unknown fact to most guests is that Chef William is also a master gardener and his love of gardening can be seen throughout the patio year-round. Everyone eagerly awaits fall and cooler temperatures when they will light a fire in the twenty-eight high-foot stack stone fireplace and bring their community together around a roaring fire and a classic bourbon cocktail such as a High-Noon Manhattan or Blood Orange Old Fashioned.

European flair and gracious service echo through the restaurant as servers glide effortlessly through the tables, treating each guest as if they were the only person in the restaurant. Signature steakhouse cuts are elevated in flavor by the fact that every steak is cooked to perfection in the Italian wood-burning oven at 900 degrees, using only local red and white oak logs. "It's about being great at food, service and atmosphere...and a million little details," says Sheetz. Not to be outdone, the bar program boasts over 300 bourbons, an inviting craft cocktail menu and a wine list worthy of an award from Wine Spectator Magazine. All the elements, from décor to menu, have given rise to a uniquely designed culinary destination that has fueled the appetites of many locals. 

As with any successful restaurant, it's all about the team. "We've always been very particular in who we hire," says Sheetz, "we want to team up with creative, self-driven and high-energy people and give them an environment to flourish." One of those incredible team members was Roberto Olmeda, the namesake behind the first of Succulent Hospitality's newest destinations, Roberto's Deluxe Oysters and Fine Fish, opening in October 2023. Roberto, a dedicated employee and oyster shucker, was a dear friend and incredible personality who dazzled the guests with his exuberance and artful shucking; sadly, he passed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hold on to your waistlines, Woodstock; there is a lot more to come from Jason and William that will change the game of dining in downtown. The upstairs at Prime 120 opens in November of this year and sister restaurants Oishii Sushi and Noodles are set to open early in 2024. Last but not least, and probably most exciting, there is a top-secret underground Tokyo-style speakeasy on the way but "We're not letting any details about Kung Fu Bar out yet, but it's going to be AWESOME!" 

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