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Prime No. 7 Korean BBQ and Tofu

A Taste of Korea in Mahwah

Whether you are of Korean heritage, longing for the traditional flavors of your homeland, or are new to Korean cuisine, Prime No. 7 Korean BBQ & Tofu offers a high-quality Korean dining experience. 

“We are the first restaurant in Mahwah that exclusively offers authentic Korean cuisine,” says manager Rachel Kim. “We work hard to offer flavorful, one-of-a-kind Korean dishes and barbecue using an induction grill. We use the highest quality ingredients in our recipes which were passed down through the generations to bring the authentic flavor home.”

Prime No. 7 specializes in oodae galbi, the seventh rib of the cow. Known as the most delicious part of the rack, the meat comes out seared from their open flame charcoal grill, cut off the bone, and sliced in front of the customer. “This is one of the dishes that sets us apart,” says Rachel. “Many Korean restaurants don’t carry this cut of meat.”

The restaurant also is gaining a reputation for its delicious rib eye, hanger steak, pork, shrimp, soups, and octopus dishes. Another crowd favorite is bibimbap, a traditional Korean rice dish. 

“Korean food is deliciously seasoned. Soy sauce and sesame oil make it very flavorful,” says Rachel. “Some foods can be spicy, but most things can be customized to a customer’s preferences.”

The establishment is seeing many new faces and groups each week. Several local mom’s groups have been visiting to relax with the kids and introduce themselves and the kids to something different. “Korean food can be catered to meet the needs of any age group,” notes Rachel. “Kids tend to like the appetizers and the fried fare.” Prime No. 7 has become a common stop for golfers after a round at Darlington, too. The expansive space can seat around 200 people, so there is plenty of room to spread out. Prime No. 7 is a BYOB, and customers are welcome to bring a bottle of wine to enjoy with their meal. 

Lunch boxes (similar to bento boxes) are a popular item to take “to go” or to enjoy on the premises. They are a perfect option for ordering a box lunch for groups, but it is recommended that you call ahead to order. Prime No. 7 is also able to cater for your next event.

Rachel adds, “Our goal is to provide an extensive menu of Korean favorites to ensure that those looking for delicious, traditional food don’t have to go far to find it!”

  • Bibimbap
  • La Galbi
  • Spicy Gogi-Ramen
  • Tofu Soup
  • Charles Park, Dong Kim, Owner, and Chef Dooki Kim
  • Kimchi Jeon