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Prion Photography: Venice Lifestyle Magazine’s Master Photographers

Highly Trained Professional Photographers Have Stayed on Technology's Cutting Edge

Venice is blessed with many first-rate artists. Foremost among them are Harald and Petra Prion, German-educated and -trained photographers who moved to Venice in 2012. Married in 1981, Harald and Petra are a true love story, both in their lives and in their art.

“We are better when we are together,” Petra says with a smile. “Harald talks, and I photograph.”

“We have always been together for the last 40 years,” Harald says.

Trained under a rigorous German system of photography education, Harald’s strengths are in commercial photography, while Petra excels at portraits. An easy-going, friendly couple, the Prions both served demanding photography apprenticeships after completing their graduate studies. Always on the cutting edge of photography technology, the couple moved from film to digital in 2001. Today, Harald has an FAA license to fly photography drones, and Petra has mastered making people comfortable in their well-appointed Venice studio.

For the past eight months, the Prions have shot nearly every photograph published in the pages of Venice Lifestyle, receiving accolades from the community. The Prions have regularly been awarded gold and silver medals from the Photographers of America, Photographers of the Year from local publications, and Business of the Year 2017 by the Venice Area Chamber of Commerce. 

The Prions have practiced professional photography for four decades. Their business once grew so large that they had 14 employees in Germany. 

“We use Macintosh computers,” Harald says, “and we spend most of our time editing and retouching our photographs.”

High-end photographers, the Prions have a busy schedule photographing everything from real estate and weddings to businesses, pets, headshots and portraits. Taking the photographs is only the starting point of their work.

“We show our clients the raw photos, they pick the ones they like, then we retouch them, and the real work begins,” Harald says.

Photoshopping with their skillful eyes and powerful computers, the Prions bring out the very best in their clients.

“We want to be perfect for our clients,” Harald says. “We never fall into a routine.” 

Prion Photography

1661 Bal Harbour Drive, Venice


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