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Private Chefs

Full Throttle Flavor With High Octane Fun

Private chefs Reid Webster and Ryan Hansen anchor meals, cocktail parties and other events that revolve around great conversation and great food. And, by 'anchor,' it means they shop, chop, pack, clean and host these gatherings -- absorbing all the fuss so their clients can lean into the having fun part. 

They provide event catering, private at-home meals, meal preparation, restaurant/menu consulting, as well as fitness and nutrition counseling. They also offer take-home meal sets for those who'd prefer to do the final cooking themselves. 

These two young chefs met in culinary school, and now operate together a blossoming service they call Full Tank, Empty Stomach.

"We love food, motorcycles and good company. Riding from gig to gig, we create memorable flavors, focusing on primitive, vegetable-centric dishes cooked with fire and high heat. Our style is casual and rustic. It’s a vibe, and we keep it cool and calm," says Reid. 

​"We're health focused and flavor driven," adds Ryan. 

Reid says he's been comfortable with food for as long as he can remember. He first got interested in food preparation from being with his father, a classically trained chef. When he was 18 years old, he completed an apprenticeship with his uncle, a pastry chef from Central Italy. His other culinary experiences were gathered by working at Seattle and Chicago high-end and tasting-only menu restaurants. 

"My passion is high heat, wood fired oven cooking, because that technique requires finesse and basically forming a working relationship with the oven to cover the natural ebbs and flows of the process," reveals Reid. 

For those seeking a full fare experience in an intimate setting, these two chefs will prepare a three- to five-course meal at their downtown AirBnB with guests staying there afterward. The space -- originally a Ford Model-T dealership built in 1905 -- can accommodate up to six guests. It has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. 

Ryan, who previously owned and operated the lifestyle fitness center Prymal, now brings his business and a degree in entrepreneurship from Fordham University in the Bronx to Full Tank, Empty Stomach endeavors. He says he enjoys coaching and guiding clients to better lifestyles using food as the foundation for their goals.

Regarding safety precautions in the age of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ryan says they get the rental loft professionally cleaned after each guest stay. He says they also wipe down surfaces with bleach, and they take all their own coolers and equipment to any on-site, private meal preparation appointments. 

Both Ryan and Reid get tested for the coronavirus, and they wear gloves and masks during their caterings, to provide extra peace of mind to clients. "Our goal is to limit contact and stay as self-contained as possible," explains Reid. 

They first work with clients to identify their food preferences, particularly their likes and dislikes or allergies. They offer three sample menus based on different price ranges. "But, we love it when clients give us full creative range to decide the menus within whatever budget they give us. I like to balance what people like with seasonal food ingredients, as well as what looks best at the grocery stores when we go shopping for each meal," says Reid, who is known for his scrumptious squash dishes. 

With so many exciting menu options to explore, this duo says they hope to find their true groove and signature food style during 2021. They also plan to provide cooking videos and online cooking demonstrations, in addition to collaborating with nutritionists and sommeliers to keep identifying fresh combinations.

Airbnb Listing:  3212 Locust St., St. Louis MO  63103,

  • Chefs Ryan Hansen and Reid Webster