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For many, the recent coronavirus pandemic is especially scary because there seems to be so little we can do to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. We are all hoping for some new drug, or a novel combination of drugs, that will be quickly developed and save us all. In effect, we don’t believe there is anything we, as individuals, can do except to stay inside and try to hide from this health menace. Thanks to the pharmaceutical industry’s long record of success in fighting infections of all sorts, we have become complacent as far as our own individual responsibility to maintain good health - in effect, we may believe that there is nothing we can personally do, but those people who are “in charge” should get their act together and protect us! 

The fact is there is much that we CAN do and NEED to do to maximize our health and our immune system’s ability to fend off new invaders such as COVID-19. Only a fraction of those infected with the virus will develop symptoms, and only a small percentage of these people succumb to the virus. Why is that? Why are the elderly and those with significant health issues more likely to get more severe symptoms while those who are younger and more robust tend to fair better?

People with the best overall health also tend to have the strongest immune system. Keeping our immune system strong is our best defense against health challenges such as the current pandemic. Yes, it is a good idea to support your immune system when you come down with the flu or any other infection, but it is a better idea to be pre-prepared for the very likely possibility that new strains of “bugs” may sweep through our communities. Being prepared for the unknown and/or unexpected means taking care of your health in general. Optimal immune system health is the same as optimal health. By maintaining optimal health, you are already doing most of what you need to do to maintain a strong immune system. 

This means taking your health seriously EVERY SINGLE DAY. The fact is that many people’s health is undermined by the tremendous amounts of stress we all live with daily. In the Conejo Valley, for example, we have recently dealt with both the Borderline tragedy and the terrible firestorms, in addition to all the other daily stresses of modern life. All these stresses are trouble enough, but when combined with poor quality sleep patterns, declining hormone levels, the consumption of less nutritious foods, and a decline in quality personal relationships (Facebook and Instagram will never replace the power of human contact) the result is a decline in our overall health and therefore a decline in our immune system health. 

Fear not, our bodies are incredibly good at healing and restoring excellent health and vitality if properly supported! Just as “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” we believe in supporting our patient’s bodies’ natural healing abilities before turning to pharmaceuticals. This has always been the mission of Vibrance Health - we offer comprehensive programs to help our patients regain and maintain better health at every age.

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