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Proctor and Graves

committed to keeping you comfortable by meeting your heating, cooling and plumbing needs

Proctor and Graves, which started as an industrial and commercial HVAC company, recently celebrated their 20th anniversary. Just five years ago, P&G started in residential, and this has brought their business full circle back into the community by serving residents. 

Their commercial and industrial business reaches across 7 states including, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, Arkansas, Mississippi, Kentucky, and Ohio. They have three physical offices, one here in our home of Mt. Juliet, one in Nashville, and one in Franklin, Tn.  

Oddie, the owner of P&G, has worked in the mechanical field since he was only 19 years old. He is now 65, so to say he has some history in this industry is an understatement. He is a tried and true Mt Juliet native, second generation, and even played football for Mt Juliet High School. He resides here in Mt Juliet, near the lake on 87 acres, with his wife and two mules. 

Odie’s son Dustin is a father to two boys,  a devoted father, business owner, and husband. For the last 7 years, he has been a volunteer coach for his son’s basketball team and running a successful business. He also lives near the lake in Mt Juliet near his parents and loves lake life. You can find Dustin and his youngest son fishing three days a week on their boat. He and his youngest son will compete in fishing tournaments every year. One, in particular, every spring that benefits the March of Dimes. Dustin went through five years of trade school with United Association 572 (plumbers pipefitters and HVAC association). 

Oddie & Dustin pride themselves on staying dedicated to their family and community and being above reproach on their services. 

They always recommend quarterly maintenance, covering all the bases for electrical/plumbing and preventative maintenance. This practice can save thousands of dollars in "surprise issues." Also, with the current supply issues and parts being back-ordered, regularly getting everything checked can prevent disasters when parts are needed and cannot get to you quickly.