Profile by Sanford

Medical-backed Science Helps Locals Achieve Healthier Lifestyles With Custom-tailored Weight Loss Plans

Are you sick of diets and results that don’t last? Are you tired of yo-yo dieting that makes you feel deprived, depressed, and unhappy with results?

Tracy Stursberg, franchisee co-owner of Profile by Sanford of Columbia and Lexington, SC, knows that feeling all too well. In fact, it was one of the reasons she bought into a health and wellness business that relies on healthy living and weight loss backed by science.

“I've always been a yo-yo dieter, and I've always been up and down and all around. I've never been someone who could eat whatever I want and not gain weight. I've always had to work for it. Profile has been the first program to take the guesswork out of what and how much  I need to eat to maintain a healthy weight," said Tracy.

“In my previous life, I was a drug rep. I sat in doctors’ offices and talked to these patients about the multiple medications they're on. And there was a common denominator hat they just simply didn't have the education on how to take care of themselves and how to properly feed themselves by eating a balanced diet.”

Profile by Sanford is backed and created by Sanford Medical Center, and it recognizes that a proper weight loss plan with a focus on nutrition, activity, and lifestyle is one of the most effective ways to reach goals.

“People come here and we give them a personalized meal plan based on the medical questionnaire they fill out. We talk about their goals, anything health-wise they have and their exercise,” said Tracy.

“Based on that, we build a plan specifically for them. We tell you exactly what to eat and when to eat it. We keep it really simple.”

Clients are giving a grocery list with foods they are allowed to eat, and each client works weekly with a health coach. The program includes help with a personalized exercise plan and Profile products like shakes, bars and pizza crust to help clients get through the initial stage. 

They have over 90 low-carb, low-calorie foods available, and anyone is free to come shop. 

Profile also offers state of the art Precise DNA testing to help you better understand how your body burns carbohydrates. Based on this information, they tailor your meal plan to exactly what your body needs. 

“As you graduate through the stages of Profile, we're constantly taking out our products, adding and more whole foods because we want our folks to be on an all whole foods diet,” said Tracy. “We give them the tools so that they can learn to eat well, and it becomes a habit for life.”

Profile by Sanford has programs for all walks of life, including new moms, pregnant women, those looking to lose weight and those seeking a more healthy lifestyle. Many members join Profile through a doctor referral and member referrals.

“My business partners, Jonathan Kunze & David Coker, and I opened the Lexington store last November and the Columbia store opened two years ago in May,” Tracy said. “Just since we've been open, our biggest los​s has been 180 pounds on Profile. We've had ​many now who have lost over 100 pounds. ​It's truly been a pleasure to watch our members' lives change before our eyes. We feel incredibly blessed to get to work with people on such a personal level each day."

For more information or to set up your complimentary consultation, visit profileplan.com or call 803.542.9759- Downtown 803.756.3403- Lexington.

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