Protecting Tomorrow’s Leaders

SafePath’s Dedication to Keeping Kids Safe

Countless children in communities across our country, regardless of ethnic, socioeconomic or religious background, have suffered from abuse. In fact, one in 10 children experiences Child Sexual Abuse and Assault (CSAA) nationally. SafePath, Cobb County’s first and only Children’s Advocacy Center, fights this epidemic that threatens the safety and security of children across the country.

SafePath began its journey toward preserving and protecting the rights of Cobb County children in 1983, and shortly after, Jinger Robins, CEO,  joined the team. She got to work certifying the organization by the state and under the National Children’s Alliance enabling SafePath to open its Children's Advocacy Center. After five years, SafePath helped pass child endangerment laws in Georgia. Today, they aim to reduce trauma in abused children through intervention, investigation, prosecution and treatment.

They provide medical services, intervention and behavioral therapy to children who have suffered abuse, all for free. Meanwhile, professional help, including DFAX, law enforcement and mental health providers, are always on-site.

SafePath also incorporates small, intentional touches that sometimes make the biggest difference in a child’s experience. Take Glinda, SafePath’s community service dog, and her incredible breakthrough with a special needs child, for example. After SafePath staff tried everything to encourage the overwhelmed child to participate in an interview, one last effort made by Glinda was successful. “I’ve realized Glinda can often do things for these children that we humans can’t,” explains Jinger.

With Cobb County growing in population and diversity every day, SafePath works to keep its promise of protection for every Cobb County child. Jinger dreams of a future where all community leaders and legislators understand and prioritize the safety of children.

Community members can contribute to the mission of SafePath in many ways. Donations are always welcome on SafePath’s website. “We are very excited about partnering with SafePath and helping them fulfill their mission of ‘A Community Free of Child Abuse,” says SafePath partner Bill Watson of JRM Management.

Those looking to help in other ways can complete child abuse prevention training, join a community group that leads volunteer efforts and, most importantly, be aware of the signs of child abuse to report suspicious behavior.

Together we can make Cobb County a safe place for today's children and tomorrow's leaders to grow.

Know the Signs:

As kids across East Cobb prepare for a new school year, SafePath aims to keep those kids safe, comfortable and trauma-free. They urge Parents, teachers and other child supervisors to stay alert. While child abuse is a sad reality our community still faces, the school season can be a key time to identify signs of abuse and fight to prevent further abuse.

Remain vigilant to these telltale signs of abuse:

  1. Crossing boundaries - Offenders are often seen pressing boundaries but are rarely caught in the act. If you see a boundary being crossed, describe the inappropriate behavior to the perpetrator. Implementing family rules about when and how adults should engage with your children is a great way to be proactive.
  2. Inappropriate touch - Teaching kids bodily autonomy lets them know it is ok to say “no” to any behavior that makes them uncomfortable. Additionally, be on the lookout for inappropriate touches, such as hugging or placing an arm around a child in situations where these are unnecessary.

3. Monitor online behavior - Unfortunately, as the internet becomes a bigger part of childhood, so do the chances of abuse. Monitor the apps your children use and who they communicate with when online. You can also set limits to when and where they can use their devices.

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