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Lisa Panos

Renowned as the author of "BIG GIRL PANTS" and a Certified Life & Relationship Coach, Lisa Panos passionately steers individuals toward drama-free, enriching relationships. Trained by Dr. Martha Beck and the Gottman Institute, she blends proven coaching techniques with personal insights, guiding clients through transformative journeys, fostering profound self-discovery, and nurturing fulfilling connections. With her guidance, bid farewell to drama and embrace a life abundant in peace and genuine connections, marking a transformative journey ahead.
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Michael G. Frino

Michael G. Frino is a celebrated sales trainer who has worked with leadership at Fortune 500 firms. He earned his MBA in Leadership at Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship and his Ph.D. in Educational Leadership with a specialization in Human Resource Development from Barry University.  This year, he released “The Beekeeper: Pollinating Your Organization for Transformative Growth” which instantly landed him and his co-author, Katie P. Desiderio, on the WSJ Bestseller.  The Beekeeper provides entrepreneurs, CEOs, and managers with practical strategies and techniques they can implement immediately to achieve growth while establishing the most productive and inclusive culture and team camaraderie.

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