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Pup Rescued By an Overhead Drone

During a recent thunderstorm, Selina Bell's front door blew open causing her 16-year-old Shih Tzu to escape. "He got disoriented and lost his way," Selina said. "He has cataracts and doesn’t hear well, so we were very concerned." The dog, Chewy, was lost overnight.

The next morning, CT Dog Gone Recovery Volunteer Network helped Selina and her family search for Chewy, mentioning Mike with Heatseekers Drone Services might be able to help. "I was willing to try anything," Selina said. "I knew if Chewy spent one more night in the elements, he would die."

Within ten minutes, Mike found Chewy across the street. "We never would have found him because he was stuck in the bushes," Selina said. "We are so grateful for Mike!"