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Boomer (Isanna Shpungin)

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Puppy Love

And You Thought Yours Was Cute!

Dogs are joy wrapped in fur. When you're a "dog person", you can't imagine your life without them. Here are a few of our local Canine American friends that share that joy with their owners each and every day. Stop by our Instagram page (@waynelifestylemag) to tell us who your favorites are - and maybe share your own!

  • Bailey (Danielle Vespia)
  • Marley (Lauren Simpson)
  • Grizzly and Lola (Chelsea Cummings Raguseo)
  • Pookie (Maria Brislin)
  • Ozzy (Melanie Wegner, photo by MLBaer Photography)
  • Mia and Roxy (Jay Stack)
  • Ginger (Debbie Mazzie)
  • Bailey (Dawn Lansing)
  • Boomer (Isanna Shpungin)
  • Harley (Melissa Lehman)
  • Wally (Sharon West)
  • Sugar (Stephen De Haan)
  • Brody (Jessica Mancini)
  • Maya and Larry (Lisa Gerne)