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Puppy Love

Local Photographer Captures the Beautiful Bond Between Pets + Their People

The bond between a pet and their people can be hard to put into words. The unconditional love we give to and receive from our pets differs from other relationships. Photographer Anjali Fong uses her creative gifts to celebrate and memorialize these special bonds.

Fong has long been known for her stunning black-and-white family photography and professional headshots, and she recently branched out to include pets in these sessions to meet the growing requests from her clients. Feel the love in these heartfelt photographs of some of our readers and Cincinnati-area residents with their beloved fur babies.

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2-year-old Eaden adores Maluk (10), his 100-pound Alaskan Malamute. The family recently relocated from France to Northern Cincinnati.

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Top: Dr. Jennifer Dehnbostel, owner of Animal Hospital of West Chester, loves all animals, but her Spaniel, Albert (10) holds a special place in her heart.

Right: Tonia Wheeler celebrates the fifth anniversary at The Fetchington Pet Hotel with her playful, ball-loving Border Collie mix, June Bug (3).

Bottom: Lakota teacher Kelsey Sucher adopted Moose (3). This Labrador/Pit Bull mix is the definition of rescued and loved. 

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Top: American Staffordshire Terriers Kobe (2) and Cruz (3) share doggy kisses.

Bottom: Bob Buring is a retired physician who spends his time working at Cincinnati Nature Center and playing with Buttercup, his rescue Terrier mix. 

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Reese E. Pieces (10) is an Australian Shepherd who provides unwavering love for Erica, who proudly serves with the National Guard.

Contact Fong to book a photo session with your pets or humans.