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Aaron Cameron, CEO

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Q 360 Taps Into Healing Energy

Q 360, a state-of-the-art healing center designed to foster optimal health in mind-body-spirit, uses a holistic approach to harness a wide range of energy fields to accelerate healing and amplify healing capabilities. The following Q&A features input from Aaron Cameron, Founder & CEO, and Dr. Stephen Sokolow, Executive Director.

What is the meaning of Q? The Q reflects the Quantum Energy Field. This field is universal—where we all share an interconnectedness and an inter-relatedness. It is a field that both responds to consciousness and emits a universal field of conscious, informed and intelligent energy. At the level of mind and spirit, Q 360 uses this field to create balance and health.

What services does Q 360 offer? The services we offer include full body analysis, and the analysis will give us information so we can help people with almost any type of ailment, including sports injuries, physical accidents and disease. Any person with an ailment, at some level there’s an imbalance in their energy system, and our devices are designed to bring you back to a state of balance so you will self-heal. We tap into energy fields at all levels of mind, body and spirit to promote good health and sustain life.

What is the most important thing readers should know about Q 360? None of our practitioners here heal anybody. We use the term “self-healing,” which we foster through the use of frequencies of sound and light, so your body will be in balance. When our bodies are in balance, we move toward a state of health as a general principal. We are at the cutting edge of using advanced alternative energy technologies and the power of the mind and spirit to balance life energy, heal ourselves and connect us with our higher nature and true self. It is a holistic approach.

Who are your typical customers? We’ve helped people from as young as 2 to people in their 90s. We’ve also helped animals. We have a success story of a dog with lung cancer; the prognosis was two to three weeks to live—three weeks later, the dog was clear.

What do your customers like most about your services? People feel better by stepping into this space. There’s an energy here that is calming and loving. They feel nurtured here because the people that are here are nurturing, caring, loving people. That’s the feeling tone of this place. Everything is designed to get you to be the best you can be.

How long have you been in business? We started seeing our first clients on November 9; this was around the Malibu fires, so we shut down our whole program for three to four months. Now we’re here and doing well.

How does Q 360 stand apart from others? Most of our clients come from their family and friends hearing about this place from somebody who’s been here, because when something good happens, you want to tell somebody about it. When people receive help here, they want to share that we’re doing something here that’s quite unusual. 

Do you have any specials? We created a program in which a client can get a package of 20 sessions at a 50% discount, so they can bring other family members and friends to share and experience.

What are your future business goals? Some people come here and would like to replicate what we have elsewhere, so we’re looking at different models for how we can help others create these kinds of spaces. We have some on our website now called affiliates, and we’re looking to expand that model and trying to figure out the best way to do it. There’s nothing here that we’re holding that’s proprietary. We want to share this knowledge with the world.

Do you have any mottos or words to live by? “Know it is so.” Know it is so comes from a place of belief. The best way to explain it: you take your car into a mechanic and the mechanic says, “I believe I can fix your car.” You take it to another mechanic and they know they can fix your car. That is the difference in level of the mind; when people know, it is so; it is absolute.

What’s the best way to contact you or learn more? We are located in Malibu at 24903 Pacific Coast Highway, in Suite 100. Our hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturdays by appointment. People can contact us by phone at 310.554.7070; or by email at To learn more, visit our website at

  • Aaron Cameron, CEO
  • Stephen Sokolow, Executive Director