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Quality Time with Your Kids

Creatively Carly; Inspired by Community

Each year summer comes and goes. We hang up the bathing suits and beach towels for our business attire and busy schedules. As summer comes to an end, we should capture time spent with our kids. We should hold onto the memories from the last couple months and let them inspire us for the rest of our year. Don’t leave it up to Facebook to remind your family of the time well spent.

Ever heard the expression “time is of the essence?” This is another way of saying “something must be done immediately.” We live in a world of busyness, to-do lists and constant “I want it now” mentalities. Without the ability to stop and enjoy life, we will live in a mode of yesterday and tomorrow, never the now.

Here are 10 ideas on how to stop what you’re doing and spend more time with your kiddos.

1. Put the phone down!

2. Create some “off-screen” activities.

3. Bond with everyday tasks like cooking or cleaning.

4. Go outside.

5. Ask them about their day.

6. Take your kids on a date.

7. Have a teenager? Take them out to lunch or coffee to connect and talk.

8. Have a family movie or game night.

9. Get involved. Take interest in their hobbies.

10. Make time in the week to have fun. Do not get lost in the craziness of the school year. 

Summer will come and go, but the time you spend with your kids now matters! There is only one summer 2018 and only five more months until 2018 disappears. Make the best of this year that you possibly can! Take chances, love people, savor each and every moment and continue to be the best you!