Quarantine Quiz

The Last Few Months Have Been Tough, But Many of Our Experiences Are Shared. How Many of These Activities Have You Done in Quarantine? Have a Laugh, and Add Up Your Points!

Suffered Home Haircut: 7 points

Did anyone in your house tap into their inner hairstylist?

Joined Zoom Meeting: 1 point

Oh, Zoom....we love you; we hate you.

Baked Banana Bread: 2 points

Extra point if you also made sourdough and posted it on Instagram.

Started Gardening: 3 points

Both outdoor and indoor gardens count!

Made Chalk Art: 3 points

Our neighborhood sidewalks have never been so cheerful.

Took An Online Fitness Class: 4 points

Local gyms and rec centers, we've missed you. But these'll do.

Took Up A Classic Hobby: 7 points

Puzzles, board games, cards, needlepoint, knitting, stamp collecting...

Thanked Essential Workers: 10 points

Our neighbors on the front lines need our support now more than ever.

Howled With The Neighborhood: 5 points

If it's 8 p.m. and you're not outside hollering like a wolf, did you even quarantine?

Ate Takeout: 6 points

One point for every cocktail you took home, too.

Wore Your Buff As A Mask In Public: 4 points

Lucky for us in ski country, a quick face covering is always stashed with our winter gear.

Hoarded Toilet Paper: 0 points

BUT, if you ran out and couldn't find any at the store (yikes), give yourself 8 points.


How Did You Do?

  • 0-10 points: Guess you never did make any chalk art, huh? 
  • 11-20 points: It's not too late to start that herb garden, ya know...
  • 20+ points: Congratulations! You're a model quarantiner. Can we try your banana bread?

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