Queen of Cleaning

Austin’s Vanesa Amaro has cleaned up on Tiktok, where she gives cleaning tips to over 5.6 million followers

Vanessa and her husband began professionally cleaning homes in Austin eight years ago. During the pandemic, she started creating videos with cleaning tips, as well as recipes to cook, and her account took off, amassing millions of followers and over 100 million ‘likes.’ She’s since wrote an ebook of cleaning tips, available on her website, become a spokesperson for Clorox and although she and her husband still clean houses for a couple of clients each week, they’ve turned their attention to giving back.

“My husband and I started cleaning houses for people in need around two years ago,” she says, “We started with a focus on people who were suffering from depression, elderly people and pretty much anyone who was struggling to stay afloat. I know how overwhelming cleaning can feel for someone going through a difficult time and how easily clutter and mess can build up, so it can feel like a never-ending cycle. Getting to use my expertise to alleviate even some of the burden in their lives is so rewarding!”

Here are some cleaning tips Vanessa gave Austin Lifestyle:

To best set your housecleaner up for success 

Pick up personal items lying around and find a home for them! This could be toys or clothing on the floor or dishes on kitchen counters. If you have pets, check with your housekeeper or cleaning service what their pet policy is. Some ask that you secure your pet while others are okay to work around them!

To maintain your home between cleanings

Cleaning for even an hour every day isn’t super realistic for most people, so I recommend making the most of quick cleans! Set aside even a few minutes each day for quick cleans to help maintain your home, especially heavily used spaces like the kitchen. After cooking for example, I like to wipe down my counters and stovetop with Clorox Disinfection All Purpose Cleaner,  which is safe to use on a variety of surfaces, so I don’t have to worry about switching products as I go to pick up grime, grease and crumbs easily.

 To clean pet stains/odors

As a dog mom with a young puppy, I deal with pet related stains and accidents a lot! For accidents, I suggest using a specialized urine cleaner like Clorox Urine Remover which is formulated to break down urine stains to eliminate odors on hard and soft surfaces.

Connect with Vanessa

On TikTok: @vanesaamaro91



Vanessa is currently accepting requests for pro bono cleanings for those in need who might need a fresh start in their home. Those requests can be sent via email.  

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