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Questions About Dentures? We Have Answers

We all know that teeth aren’t excluded from the body’s natural aging process. But the options for aiding this have evolved greatly over the years. Dentures and implants aren’t the same as they used to be, moving from a bulky, obvious mouthpiece to a seamless solution. We asked Hunter C. Fleenor, DDS and John Mark Harris, DDS at Affordable Dentures and Implants, a full-service dental office that completes extractions, implants, dentures or partials, and tooth restoration, to loop us in on all things dentures.

How have dentures and implants evolved over the years?

Dentures and implants have seen great growth over the years. One thing that has changed is the sizing range of implants, which gives some patients the opportunity to get implants in areas that would not have been possible previously. Implant dentures have gone a step further by making a fixed implant denture a possibility, which gives the patient the ability to get back up to 95 percent of their chewing capabilities that we would have had with their natural teeth. 

Take us through the process of getting dentures and implants.

To make the experience feel comfortable, we like to start every new patient consultation with a welcome call from our office. During the first appointment, we gather as much information as possible by taking panoramic and 3D imaging, giving us insight into your needs before you are even seen. You will get a detailed treatment plan and we’ll go over any financial or insurance questions you may have, so you feel comfortable scheduling your next visit with us, and we make sure our patients leave their surgery with at-home care instructions. With some denture packages, we also offer a wax try-in appointment, which gives the patient the time and ability to make sure they are happy with the appearance of the denture. 

What advice would you give someone considering dentures or implants?

We never want to push anyone in a certain direction, but we do give our recommendations to help you make the most informed choice for yourself. When patients ask our opinion on lower dentures specifically, we like to inform them of the benefits of a lower denture with implants, because a lower denture with no implants can be hard to get used to and wear daily.

"Dentures and implants have seen great growth over the years." -- Hunter C. Fleenor, DDS

  • Hunter C. Fleenor, DDS