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See how QuickCall Services can keep your yard looking perfect all year round

With springtime comes blooming flowers and new growth and everyone desires to have the best yard in the neighborhood. Jason Marriner, owner of QuickCall Services, is ready to take on the new growth of the spring season and transform your yard into a place full of color and life.

     Jason previously worked as a Head Chef in the UK. “I spent all my time working in kitchens inside buildings and basements,”  he says. “I got tired of being cooped up under the fluorescent lights and my passion was really being outside in nature.” When he wasn’t in the kitchen, Jason enjoyed working at his homestead where he grew produce and raised wild boar, cross pigs, and chickens.

     He moved back to America in 2014, settling in Martinez, GA and started a small landscaping company. “I sank every penny I had into getting a property here and started my business from nothing,” says Jason. “Now, in addition to myself, we have an Operations Manager, an Office Manager, and a field team that varies according to the season's workload. This year we will be celebrating 10 years in business” 

     Jason and his team provide service to mid to high-end homes on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. “We take care of everything on the property that needs landscape maintenance. We don’t run contracts except for commercial properties that require it. All our clients continue to stay with us because they’re happy with the quality of work we provide, not because they signed a piece of paper,” says Jason. 

     Most of Jason’s clients continue landscaping services year round. “Every two weeks in the winter we will remove leaves, pinecones, sticks from storms, cut Crepe Myrtles, trim shrubs, and anything else that needs doing to keep the yard looking sharp, so when it comes to spring, they don’t have to pay for a clean-up, they can just continue with maintenance of their lawn,” says Jason. The clients who choose to stop service during the winter months book a spring clean-up in January or February to be ready for regular maintenance when the season restarts.

     “This month, we will be going crazy with lawn dethatching, mulch and pine straw installs, spring clean-ups, and gearing up towards the Masters in April. Dethatching is the process of removing dead matted grass from the lawn which has accumulated over the course of the year and becomes a carpet to block out the sunlight, nutrients, and moisture to the ground. We have specialized equipment that rakes out and removes the dead grass and vacuums it up at the same time. All it leaves behind is the topsoil and living grass. When you apply fertilizers and treatments to the lawn after dethatching, they will get down to the ground and roots straight away. The grass growth gets off to a good start and it looks 100 times better,” says Jason.

     Jason tells us that it’s important to have your yard regularly maintained to keep weeds at bay. “When your lawn isn’t cut regularly, you’re more susceptible to having problems. Your grass will be healthier with regular maintenance and will have a better chance of fighting off weeds and infiltration,” explains Jason. “The difference when we’re providing a basic service like mowing, edging, weed eating, or shrub trimming compared to other companies is that we take care of every client's yard as if it’s our own and we personally train every employee that comes through with us to our high standards. The company was first set up to support my future but now as we have grown, we are thrilled to also be supporting the future of our employees and their families.

     The company is based on honesty, integrity, and the desire to provide the best service we can for our clients. I feel proud that we’re able to offer secure jobs with competitive pay and continued education in the field to our employees. We train them up to the highest standard that we can, so that they are better qualified and more knowledgeable to provide the services our clients need.

 We see personal growth along the way with our employees as they find a place where they are respected, get to learn new skills, and are treated like family,” says Jason.

The office can be contacted directly to answer any questions you have between 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday. To get a quote for your yard, visit or call 706.434.9583. You can follow them on Facebook at QuickCall Services LLC, Instagram at @QuickCallServices, and X (Twitter) at @QuickCallLLC. You can also email them at