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Raising the Bar on Bar Carts 

Not Just For Drinks

The bar cart actually got its start during the Victorian Era (1837-1901). However, at that time it was not associated with alcoholic beverages. The bar carts of the Victorian Era were actually tea trolleys!  Maids in upscale houses would roll out these tea trolleys so they could serve the lady of the house and her guests. This practical piece of furniture meant the women could enjoy their prim cuppa without disturbing their needlework — or indeed, moving at all.

The bar cart hit its peak of popularity in the 1950s and with the recent resurgence of mid-century modern homes and designs, it seems the charming little bar cart has come along for the ride. But today’s rolling open-air cart can do much more than display drinks! It seems at home in any room from the kitchen to the bedroom to the bathroom. Check out these updated ideas for themed “bar” carts. 

Coffee Bar Cart - Perk up a corner of your kitchen with a coffee bar. Display all the cute mugs you can stand along with your favorite flavors of coffee. From Keurig to cold press, there’s plenty of room for your coffee maker, favorite flavored syrups, fun signage and more. Plus, guests always know where to find their morning brew and you get more cabinet space. With this caffeinated cart, making your morning coffee definitely won’t be a grind. 

Spahhh Cart - Give yourself the gift of relaxation with a luxury spa cart. Load it up with a bath pillow, loofahs, lotion, a scented candle, bath bombs, your favorite book and a bluetooth speaker. Then lock the door and leave the real world far behind. Turn free time into “me” time as you soak or shower your troubles away. Oh, and a little wine or chocolate is never a bad idea either. The spa cart is perfect for guest bathrooms too! 

Home Office Cart - Are you living AND working from home - a cluttered dining room or kitchen table masquerading as your home office? Kiss the computer chaos and perpetual piles of paper goodbye with a home office cart. Several levels give you plenty of room for your computer, printer, paper, and more. Choose one with a removable tray top for extra versatility. When company comes, just roll it into the other room and out of sight. 

Catchall Cart - Never lose your keys again! Park this cart next to your front door and create a home for all of those oft-forgotten, but oh so important items that seem to sprout legs and walk away. Add a plant, a fun sentiment sign or a family photo to personalize the space. It’s also the perfect spot to place some seasonal decorations to create a warm welcome for your guests. Practical and pretty - eat your heart out Martha Stewart!

Garden Cart - To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul – Alfred Austin.

Feed your soul and freshen your air with a miniature, mobile garden. You don’t need a backyard to enjoy blossoms. Grow an herb garden in the kitchen, a succulent garden in the sunroom, or a flower garden in the bedroom. From African violets to a zen garden complete with a miniature bonsai tree and incense burner, you can enjoy indoor gardening anywhere your cart desires. 

Mobile Mixology Cart - The classic bar cart gets an update! Load it up with all the liquor necessary to create your favorite cocktails from aperitifs to zombies. Show off your prized bottle of single malt scotch or get classy with a crystal decanter and matching rocks glasses. There’s plenty of room for shakers, jiggers, muddlers, and all the other fun tools you’ll need when you become a master mixologist. 


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