Randi Green’s Star Shines Bright At Her Studio Of Venice 

Local Longtime Pilates Instructor Has A Loyal Following Of Friendship, Joy And Kindness

The elegant Randi Green has an absolute passion for helping others achieve their very best lives. Randi exudes mental positivity and physical wellness, which she has achieved through the dedicated practice of Pilates. Deeply educated in physical training, Randi taught aerobics since the late 1970’s, before focusing on Pilates almost 20 years ago. This fit, kinetic, friendly instructor originally hails from Long Island, but has been a Venice native for more than three decades, when she passed through town on a tarpon fishing trip to the Florida Keys. Randi fell in love with life here in our Venetian paradise and has been vibrant community member ever since.

Now in a new, gorgeous location on the South Tamiami Trail, Randi’s The Studio Of Venice boasts eight different instructors teaching a wide range of fitness and wellness classes, including her signature Pilates With Randi. 

“I wanted to expand my boundaries at this new location,” Randi explains, as students begin stretching in the studio to soothing background music. “We offer yoga, Pilates MAT, and Pilates Reformer classes. Reformer is very good for strength and tone. It’s all core work. Everyone should know about Pilates. I love the form, flow and creativity that Pilates offers.”

The Pilates Method was devised by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900s. Its moves are constant, powerful, and work the body’s deep muscles, while offering a full mind-and-body discipline.

“We are a welcoming studio and we love meeting and encouraging new people,” Randi explains. “We offer introductory classes in all our disciplines so that newcomers can familiarize themselves with the movements and get comfortable before joining the regular classes. Our goal is positivity and helping everybody succeed. We do offer private and semi-private classes. We have Restorative Yoga Workshops as well. The workshops are longer than regular classes and incorporate more knowledge and information.” 

Randi is certified in Pilates Mat, Reformer I and Reformer II. Her studio offers Reformer machines, Reformer Chairs, other equipment and a studio classroom. 

Randi’s instructors include Chandra Reilly, Bethany Goodman, Heather Dempsey and Ashley Humphries. Additional instructors are Teresa Kaufman, Renee Lindsey, Jeanne Radwick and Marsha Ouimette.

“We call this The Sweetest Studio In Town,” Randi says. “My clientele is chosen. You have to have a good attitude and be willing to laugh. We have an atmosphere of joy. Our workouts are definitely demanding, but they are tempered with kindness and joy. That’s who we are.” 

Randi’s positivity and wellness helps her in all aspects of her life. Two years ago, her partner of a quarter century, Tom Nadler, was diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer. Randi smiles as she thinks of him. “He’s my trooper. He’s the wind beneath my wings. I’d like everyone to know that about him.”

Instructor Marsha Ouimette has taught for Randi for five years. She says of Randi, “She is such a pleasure to be with. She is so positive and upbeat and she is constantly teaching me new routines that I can introduce to my clients. She is just a joy to be with!”

“When someone new comes to me, they will see results in about a month,” Randi says with her warm smile. “First, they’ll see their waist shrink and arms tighten up. Then they get a cute little Pilates butt. One of my clients is 89 years old and is the fittest person I have ever seen. My clients are so loyal. When Tom was in the hospital, I would come home and find food on my porch. What we really are here is family.” 

2210 Tamiami Trail S., Suite 10, Venice. 941.223.6816. 

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