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Introducing Logos Classical Academy, the Premier Educational Institution for Our Children

Article by Michelle W. Parnell

Photography by Photos provided by Logos Classical Academy

Originally published in Evans City Lifestyle

Following the abrupt halt to the normal school routine in March, students shifted to virtual learning from home, with parents having an active role in the day to day education process. Through that experience, many parents have a new perspective on education, enlightening them to the complexity and variety of factors that culminate in the learning process.

Logos Classical Academy, a new school opening its doors in Evans this fall, intentionally addresses those complexities by offering a classical education to students ages kindergarten through 8th grade. 

School founder Shannon Johnson says, “Classical education addresses the whole child. It not only instills knowledge, but also cultivates  wisdom, virtue, and rightly ordered affections. Moreover, it teaches children how to think, not just what to think.”

As a former teacher with a master's degree in education, Shannon is formally trained in various teaching methods, but none of them are quite like classical education. “After I had my own children,” explains Shannon, “I began to research the best way to educate them and came across the classical model and learned of its rich history. It was a eureka moment. Classical education teaches with the grain, so to speak, matching the instructional method to the child’s developmental stage.”

Classical education is rooted in a centuries-old approach developed by the early Greeks - the Classical Trivium. The Trivium is a blueprint for when and how best to educate students during their physiological development. Its three distinct learning stages are:

The Grammar Phase—Young children are especially adept at memorization during the early, foundational phase of learning. Because of that, classical educators can utilize a combination of learning techniques that include rhyme, song, motion memory, visual aids, and more  - all techniques designed to engage the child’s memory.

The Logic Phase—With a foundation of facts in place, the second phase capitalizes on the child’s natural inclination to question the world around them. Classically educated students are taught the skills they will need for critical thinking - important tools required for wisdom in reasoning and argumentation.

The Rhetoric Phase—During this final stage of the Trivium, classically educated students are challenged by their teachers to explore and refine their persuasive skills, both in speech and writing.

“Classical Christian schools are all over the country, but there’s not one in our area,” says Shannon. “Knowing the value of this type of education and the impact it can have on our children and community, God made it quite evident that it was time to act. I felt His nudge. He then brought along some amazing people who saw the vision and were willing to come alongside and help in this effort.”

“I began to research classical, Christian education about seven years ago,” says Logos Steering Committee member Nikki Daniel. “At first, the idea was foreign to me, but after a few months of research, I was sold on the classical model of education. However, if you wanted to educate your child classically, the only option was homeschool. While homeschool was wonderful for our family for a time, it didn't work out for the long run. My husband and I and some of our close friends began to pray that the Lord would provide another means for classical education in our area. So, when Shannon called to tell me that she felt the Lord preparing her to start a new classical school, I was thrilled!”

“At Logos Classical Academy,” says Shannon, “our mission is to glorify God by working in partnership with Christian families to equip their children with a Christ-centered, academically excellent, classical education focused on instilling knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.”

Logos Classical Academy is now accepting students for kindergarten through 8th grade, with plans to expand into high school grades in the future. Parents can choose for their child to attend the academy under the traditional model for five days a week or using the university model, with the child attending the academy three days a week for classroom instruction; the remaining two days are left for in-home instruction. The academy will also offer elective classes as an option for homeschooling families.

Logos Classical Academy will meet at First Baptist Church Evans, located on N. Belair Road and has received accreditation through The Association of Classical Christian Schools. For more information, visit LogosClassicalAcademy.org.

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