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Anew Room and JK Design Provide Inspiration for Creating Magnificently Curated Spaces

Article by Kristen Hampshire

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Originally published in Canton Lifestyle

Lean in and listen to what moves you. Is it bold colors, a mesmerizing light fixture, a stylish and comfy couch or functional decor that keeps you organized? Regardless of your individual style and needs, Anew Room and JK Design offers a one-stop destination to discover everything you need to recreate your living spaces.

It began in 2016 when Ruthanne Wilkof, a local real estate agent, discovered a growing need in the community. While some people were looking for beautiful, yet affordable, high-end furniture to fill their homes, others who were downsizing, remodeling or redecorating didn’t know what to do with their gorgeous, nearly new items they no longer needed. Her solution was Anew Room, a quality consignment store specializing in furniture, accessories, art and more.

“There’s nothing else here like us – nothing of the quality that we carry, the line of products we carry, or the staging of our products,” Ruthanne says of Anew Room, which offers a variety of styles and statement pieces at a fraction of what they would cost new.

“We are a destination for designer consigned items, and we try to get as many cool and interesting pieces as we can,” says Sam Messerly, who manages the store.

Most of all, what visitors can expect from Anew Room is a truly one-of-a-kind experience and pieces you aren’t likely to find anywhere else.

“I am so proud of the uniqueness of Anew Room,” Ruthanne says. “We do not know what’s coming through the door, so the store never looks the same – it keeps on changing.”

To further serve the needs of those looking for stylish, high-end designs, Ruthanne enlisted the talents of Josette Kark, owner of JK Design, which occupies about 1,200 square feet of space next to Anew Room with brand new, high-end furniture.

Now, the destination is a one-stop shop for consigned and new furniture, as well as design services.

“Interior design is more than fabric or paint colors, it’s a statement of who you are and your lifestyle,” Josette says. “You want to be current with style, but practicality is very important."

Furniture First

Whether you’re building or remodeling, deciding how to decorate your home can be a daunting task. To start, Josette suggests beginning with a grounding piece, such as a roomy sofa and accompanying table, along with a set of chairs.

“Start with your bigger pieces, and then add the end tables, a sideboard, rug, lighting and artwork,” Josette says, adding that today’s high performance chenille fabrics are water-soluble and easy to clean. Josette suggests going for a neutral-colored fabric, preferring creams. “You can use Dove soap or any water-based cleaner to wipe off even paw prints or chocolate.”

For those with active families, Josette recommends avoiding leather furniture, which scratches easily. However, if leather is the preference, motion pieces like sleek reclining chairs are a great way to introduce it. And forget your grandpa’s old Barcalounger. “These are high-style motion chairs, some with Lucite on the sides that offer comfort,” she says.

When selecting furniture, there’s nothing more frustrating than falling in love with a particular piece only to find out that there’s a waiting list, and you may not receive it for several months. That’s one of the reasons Sam says a visit to Anew Room is a must for those looking to decorate or redesign their spaces. Not only can you find high-end designer pieces that may otherwise be out of your price range, but there’s no wait time.

Light It Up

“Lighting is very important,” Josette says, noting that she sees a lot of polished nickel, chrome and “gold is coming back.” Don’t confuse today’s golds with the brassy, shiny fixtures of late. “This is more of a French gold, and it’s really taking off.”

Style-wise, light fixtures are contemporary, incorporating lots of glass. Josette notes that fixtures that hang from cables adjusted to different heights offer visual interest and the benefit of dispersing light.

She advises light fixtures that are at least 3,000 lumens, which is “safe, nice and warm without being too yellow.”

Set the Table

A cocktail table becomes a conversation centerpiece when properly accessorized. “I aim to keep everything low on the table so you can see beyond it,” Josette says.

Try starting with a stunning tray, such as one of black Lucite as a base. Then add a pair of jars centered with a low-lying bowl. Boxes are also big now. “These are oblong and you can store your T.V. remotes in them. They lift up and are attached to each other at one end so you can stay organized,” Josette describes. “And I always encourage architectural books, no matter the topic. Or, if you’re into wines or you travel, whatever the adventures are, those books need to be on the cocktail table.”

Quick Room Changers

Need a quick and cost-effective change for the interior? Throw pillows are a go-to. “You can change the whole look and feel of the room this way,” Josette says.

Same goes for artwork, which is a “testimony of your style.”

Always add a touch of greenery for texture. “These are not the pieces we used in the 1990s,” Josette clarifies. “It could be one flower with some great gold stems coming out from behind it. You need some softness.”

At Anew Room, unique finds that speak to hobbies and inspire wonder abound. Here, uncover a number of special treasures to spice up your space, from oversized baskets, antique chests, designer bowls, conversation piece paintings and more.

“A nice piece of art or a beautiful accessory can completely change a room,” Sam points out.

Looking for more inspiration for your next interior design transformation? Visit ANewRoom4u.com or JosetteKarkDesign.com or meet Sam or Josette at 5158 Whipple Ave. NW in Canton.

"A nice piece of art or a beautiful accessory can completely change a room."

— Sam Messerly, Anew Room

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