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It’s hard to be productive and have a clear mindset when everything in your home is cluttered! That’s where Shay Morgan comes in. Owner of Sort Home Design Group, Shay can take even the messiest of closets and turn them into a Pinterest-worthy wardrobe. 

Since she was young, Shay has been organizing and decluttering nearly everything. Living with siblings, she developed a passion for ensuring their home was well-maintained and it soon became one of her passions. Home design has been a part of her family for several generations. Shay adds a unique touch to interior design by combining home-staging and organizing, creating her own business in 2019: Sort Home Design Group. 

Shay looks for inspiration everywhere she goes - anything from hotels to open house showings. Her Pinterest boards are generous, but her heart is even more so. She wants you to love your space again and feel freedom from the chaos and clutter of day-to-day living. 

When you schedule an appointment with Shay, she will get right down to business. After a video call and a tour of the room needed to be organized, you and Shay will develop a game plan to turn the desired space into an organized masterpiece. She will then work alongside you to compartmentalize and create organized storage systems uniquely catered to you and your home’s needs. 

Shay adds a servant’s heart to her business, setting her apart from the rest. When organizing your spaces, she creates different collection piles based on what her clients want to keep or discard. Not only that, she adds a “donation pile". If her clients have extra unwanted food from their pantries, clothes from their closets or other items from their cabinets, Shay will donate them to local charities and foundations that ensure they go into the hands of people who need them the most. 

When it comes to decluttering the chaos in your world and regaining your peace of mind, reach out to Shay Morgan and get ready to feel clarity again!

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